Monday, September 13, 2010

I Want To Be My Pets

Every day, I see my pets living it up - and by living it up, I mean napping where ever and when ever they feel like it. I dedicate this space to my pampered pets.
Sharing the sofa
Sofa left
Sofa right
Sofa left
Too much light interfering with a nap on the ottoman
On the edge of the ottoman
Under the ottoman
At the foot of the bed
Sharing the bed
Pillow hog
Back of the chair
In the closet

Before you go thinking the only thing my cat and dog do is sleep, they actually do run around and chase each other. The dog also gets a couple of walks each day. However, their specialty is napping. I took these photos over a two week period.

I'm hoping that by giving them comfortable places to sleep (with a few interruptions by yours truly to try to get them to sleep and not wrestle during the middle of the night) that I'll be rewarded in my next life. If I come back as some one's pet, I hope they give me the same luxuries I've given them.
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