Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CROCS: They're Not Just Ugly, They're Also Creepy!

A few months ago, I saw these ads for Crocs.
Rubber shoes that rub your feet? Gross!

I mean, take a good look at the "eyes" on those things. They're like some sort of pervy foot fetish creature straddling your leg to rub your toes. And is that shoe trying to kiss the foot? Ick!

Then, I saw this ad.
These Crocs are peepers! Or they're burglars. Either way, creepy.

And there's this ad.
A few things bother me about this. First: these Crocs are a little too excited about folding laundry. Second: little girl. Third: "Feel the love." Um, no. We should not have creepy shoe characters and a little girl and that phrase.

With all the things it appears Crocs love (feet, peeping, little girls, laundry), I would not be surprised if they weren't the next ones caught by Chris Hansen!
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