Wednesday, September 29, 2010

15 Actors/Actresses I Can No Longer Watch

I don't know how or when it happened, but I have realized that there are many actors and actresses that I used to really like. Now, they are just not enough to draw me to the theater - or even find space in my Netflix queue.

John Travolta

Saturday Night Fever, Grease - oh how I love those movies! I tolerated Look Who's Talking. Then, I moved on.

Pulp Fiction made me see John in a whole new (potty mouthed) light. Instead of choosing good parts, he followed that fantastic film with a series of bad and really bad roles.

I can look past the whole Scientology thing. I have never heard he's a bad guy - I've always heard he's one of the nicest people you could meet. But until I see a trailer for a movie that was not made to appeal to just people 30 years older or younger than myself, I cannot watch his new movies - not even on HBO.

Tom Cruise

The last movie I saw him in was Knight and Day. The only nice thing I can say: he is still at his best in an action film. However, this action film at its best was bad.

Looking at his film career, I realize I have loved a lot of his work (most recently, his brief part in "Tropic Thunder" was hilarious). If he's the star of a movie, that's just not good enough for me. If he's part of an ensemble cast that is filled with people I love, I would drop everything and see his movie on opening weekend. Now, I'm not even sure his movies get a first look on their first run on HBO.

I guess his wackiness in his personal life - and that creepy trying-too-hard grin - are just too much for me. It's sad. I have loved his movies since the 80s (I was just a little girl, so back off). I'd like to see a trailer with Tom in it and get excited about the movie. Wow me, Tom! Otherwise, no popcorn for you.

Mel Gibson

I have written about my distaste for this guy before. But I decided to revisit his career.

I have to go back 15 years to see a movie listed that I really liked: Braveheart.

I don't know if there's anything Mel could do to win me back.

He probably doesn't care.

Matthew McConaughey

I've said it on Twitter and I'll say it here: this guy's best role was Wooderson in Dazed and Confused. A look at his career can be summed up in two genres: romantic comedies that are the same but have different titles/leading ladies (though Kate Hudson has appeared more than once) and really bad attempts at action. He's also peppered in a few dramatic roles that are slightly better.

I don't care how many times he takes off his shirt - or if he does an entire movie topless, I cannot watch his work. He always sounds the same (high), looks the same (a smidge greasy) and can only bounce between two facial expressions: surprise (mouth open) or smiling (pearly whites gleaming).

Charlie Sheen

My first memory of this guy was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He only had a brief part, but I think that was the first time I thought a bad boy was kinda hot.

Then came Wall Street. I couldn't decide if he was good or bad, but I knew he liked money.

And cocaine.

Now, it's all a blur. Lucas, Platoon, Major League - all good. The rest of his work just doesn't excite me. I think part of it may be his personal stuff (wife beating is a total turn off). I can't even watch that TV show of his. And I liked Ducky!

Jamie Foxx

When I first saw him on In Living Color, he made me laugh. That Wanda - crazy funny!

When I saw him taking serious roles, I was blown away! How could this guy pull that off?

Then, he had to go and make music.

And give comedy a try.

His career is like a pack of Starburst candy: I go right for the reds and pinks (dramas) and skip over the yellows and greens (comedies). The folks at Fox have given his new sketch comedy series the green light. I've tired of comedy that includes African Americans, Hispanics, Asians or any other race singling out their own to keep those stereotypes going. If that show is filled with "jokes" like that, it won't get any space on my DVR.

Vince Vaughn

Swingers was one of my favorite movies back in the day. Because of Vince Vaughn, I watched many more movies in which he starred: Made, Old School, Wedding Crashers.

Then, I realized he's EXACTLY the same in each movie. That makes him not funny. It makes him a bit annoying.

I get the feeling screenwriters create characters that talk just like him - because there is clearly not a difference in the real guy and the one on the big screen.

If I'm ever in the mood for a fast-talking insult-hurling guy, I'll watch another Vince movie. Until then, skip.

Kate Hudson

I thought she was this whimsical creature when I saw her in Almost Famous, I was a little curious about this girl - Goldie Hawn's daughter. I mean, she's her freaking twin!

Then came the long series of rom-coms. I was over her.

While I admire her red carpet style, I have previously written about what appear to be her questionable grooming habits. I just cannot watch someone in a movie when my mind starts wondering if the wardrobe department had to remind the star to shower before putting on the clothes (or if they just figure the lack of deodorant and looming pit stains will just mean the clothes have to be trashed after filming).

Take on a serious role, Kate, and you might have me. Just make the trailer good.

Renee Zellweger

I loved her in Jerry Maguire. I kind of liked her in Bridget Jones Diary. I even liked her in Chicago.

Now, I find her whiny and smooshy faced. She can't communicate. She's super awkward in interviews - which is part of her job as an actress. You gotta be able to promote your work. I can't watch someone who makes me so uncomfortable just talking about a movie. Total turnoff.

Plus, she seems to have hit the Botox hard.. While I admire her apparent love of exercise - running in particular - I think she's too skinny. She can keep turning out movies with big name stars, but I'll just wait until I can see those movies on HBO.

Jennifer Lopez

I thought she was fantastic in Selena. I loved her in Out of Sight. Then, came those high-profile romances.

I was curious about her relationship with Ben Affleck - he seemed so normal.

Then came Gigli.

I read all the reviews which all but told you to ask the couple to pay you to see the movie. Still, I watched it. It was even worse than I expected.

I never had any interest in seeing her romantic comedies because I just don't generally watch those movies. Gigli ruined her for me. I won't even watch her take on a serious role. Now, if she gets a TV gig, like a sitcom, I might give her another chance. But pay $8 to see her on the big screen? Not on your life.

Cast of Friends

I used to LOVE this show! Now, I watch the reruns and I don't laugh. So, what was wrong with me in the 90s that I always laughed when I watched it?

I have tried to watch these people in other movies or TV shows and I just don't like them. There is one exception: Matthew Perry.

I really liked that . Not good timing for NBC to run that AND 30 Rock at the same time. It was confusing. Two shows about a sketch comedy show? What were they thinking? I mean, they definitely got one of those shows to stick around, but still... They should have sent Perry's show to another network. He's also been funny in movies. So I give Matthew Perry the pass and will watch his new show on ABC.

I will never forgive Matt LeBlanc for Joey. David Schwimmer was slightly good in Band of Brothers (but he was also douchey, so we're back to square one). Courtney Cox could have stayed in my good graces if not for that awful Cougar Town. Lisa Kudrow seems stuck in the same confusing character. And Jennifer Aniston can't seem to make a movie (with the exception of The Good Girl) in which she does not play a neurotic, clingy woman.

So, there you have it. Hollywood, if you want me to see these people, you'd better make it good. Or buy my ticket, popcorn, candy and soda.
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