Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Quitting Mel Gibson

I loved this guy in "Lethal Weapon." The mullet was fantastic. He was funny - even when he would dislocate his shoulder for kicks.

But that has worn off.

You see, I've had it with his tirades - whether they're fueled by booze or not. This incident in 2006 was the beginning of the end for me. I giggled when he used the phrase "sugar tits" (compliment or sexist insult?) when talking to a female officer. Then, I realized he is someone who clearly has no respect for authority. When he became a poster child for anti-Semitism, I thought that was the lowest of the lows.

Don't forget, it's been nearly 20 years since he slammed gays.

Then, he walked away from his 28-year marriage to be with another woman.

I wasn't surprised when this woman was pregnant. Why else would he end his marriage to be with another woman? But now that this relationship is having a very nasty (and public) ending, I am washing my hands of Mel. Any man who could say these things to a woman he loved - or at least liked enough to have sex with - is beyond foul.

Disagree? Listen to this.

Anyone who uses language like that is simply full of hate. And racist. And a homophobe. And still sexist.

I give him credit for being such a great actor that he can pretend to be a human being who cares and has genuine feelings for women and African Americans and Jews and gays (despite this attempt to make us feel like he was in touch with his feminine side). But it's his unscripted words that hurt more than any movie villain could hope that is creepier than any creature of fiction. There is no excuse for being that vile. That is pure hatred that comes from within. Spending one penny on his movies just puts more cash in his wallet, encouraging his disgusting behavior.

So, congratulations, Mel. You win. I'm no longer a fan. No apology will ever undo all the horrible things you've said. I had no idea you would lobby so hard to alienate people. Your talent for hitting people where it hurts would come in handy in prison. Or hell. I hope you spend some time in both. And if they ever make a movie about your downfall, I won't see it.
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