Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turn The Page

Usually when I get a magazine, I just flip past the ads. And I've really had it with these ads, both on TV and in magazines.
You know how they sell this: couple appears bored, then BAM! Fireworks, steam whistle, whatever is supposed to signify the opposite of their reality. Because they can't show S-E-X on those channels/the magazines I read.

But, this one caught my eye.
Two dudes talking about their bedroom behavior in Entertainment Weekly. Not expected. I mean, if that ad appeared in a European magazine, I wouldn't have done a double take. But in EW, it's like a parody. Really? I mean, I have no problem with the man love. Whatever makes you happy. Right in the middle of movie and TV news - an ad talking about that? I stared for a good two minutes. Put it in Marie Claire, Glamour or Cosmopolitan and I wouldn't bat an eye. The closest my little weekly entertainment rag gets to bedroom talk is who's shagging who on "True Blood."

This got me thinking... Is there another ad with two ladies? A brief search did not turn up one of those ads. But I did learn they had a contest to put actual couples in the ads. So, um score, fellas?

I miss the days when I just mindlessly turned the pages of my magazines without sex mucking it up. If I wanted those ads, I'd get different magazines. So, Entertainment Weekly, how about we just stick to the entertainment and the fictional sex stuff - leave the real issues for the magazines that have articles (or photos) to address those needs?

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