Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Win, Magazines!

I get a ridiculous amount of magazines delivered to my home. It's been a while since I've written about this. I have dropped a few and picked up a few new ones. My current reading material includes:

I know that list is long. I'm kind of ashamed to see it. But you should know that I'm not spending a fortune on those magazines. The subscriptions are much cheaper than if I were to buy them at the store. Here's a little hint: if you subscribe to a magazine, don't renew right away. Often, they'll send you a cheaper rate because they don't want to lose you! And if you have considered subscribing to magazines, Amazon has some great rates on subscriptionsNOTE TO COSMOPOLITAN & SPORTS ILLUSTRATED:  I dropped you long ago because I lost interest. Please stop sending me letters begging me to take you back. I won't do it.

Now, those magazines have lot of ads. I usually blow right past them. But I saw one that caught my eye in a recent US Weekly.
I normally wouldn't notice a baby product ad. But this one really spoke to me.

It's not just the language. I mean, that is one of my "safe" curse words. Then, I looked at some of the smaller print.

So, congratulations, Huggies! You have an ad that made me stop flipping pages, read it and even brought out a little giggle. I'd like to see them top that!
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