Thursday, July 15, 2010

Drunk Babies?!? Oh. It's An Ad.

I doubt this ad campaign, promoting L'universe de Chocolat's line of whisky-filled treats, actually got the little tykes liquored-up to sell chocolate. It's more likely the babies were sleepy. Or had colds. Or were annoyed at the adults trying to cram stinky chocolates at them (Note: while I am not a parent, I know that babies don't tend to like whisky). 

While j'adore European ads (they're usually pretty/sexy/funny), this just doesn't make me want those chocolates - and I think typing that just made my brain hurt. Hard to believe, even though it combines two things high on my list of favorites (babies and chocolate). Oh, and speaking of, if you like to see your sweets with an older bunch, check out this blog.

[If you want to see more of the ads, click here.]
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