Saturday, July 31, 2010

Star Sighting?

The other day, I was out picking up some dinner when I saw this:
Here's a closer look:
For some reason, I first thought of singer/actress Mandy Moore.
Then, I thought, "Why would she be here in a red mustang?" Then, I realized it was probably some other Mandy M. So, I turned to Google. This is what I found:

None of those Mandys (or Mandies - I don't know the plural of that name) are anywhere close to San Antonio. So I got more specific with my Google search. And if I'm going to use my imagination/self-imposed stereotypes, I'm gonna say this one is the winner. If I'm right, this blog entry of hers makes me a little sad. If she somehow finds this blog, I'd like to say this to Mandy: Never stop chasing your dreams! Bad things happen to everyone, it's how you pick yourself up and learn from it that matters. Hop in your sassy little red mustang and L-I-V-E like every moment is precious! And if you're not the Mandy M in that red car, my advice still stands.

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