Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Don't Get It

I have never understood the appeal of personalized license plates. It's like the ultimate cry for attention. It's as if those who find creative new ways to make strangers turn their heads scream, "LOOK AT MY CAR'S BUTT! THEN, LOOK AT THE ME BEHIND THE WHEEL!" I have seen a few strange ones lately (I did have a new favorite courtesy of a white dude in a Jeep Cherokee "SUPR FRK"). But I spotted this one in a parking lot this weekend.
I wonder who drives this Toyota. And I wonder if he/she really believes everyone is good. Is it some sort of positive affirmation to other drivers? Is this person a courteous driver - the kind who always uses a signal, doesn't hog the left lane on the highway so he/she can go less than the speed limit, doesn't tailgate, doesn't cut off others on the roadway? Because I almost think this person should be setting an example with a license plate like that.

Is this plate a theft deterrent? Would a smash-and-grab robber be intimidated by that license plate and target the car with the plate that does not say, "You're good" in license plate speak? Or would that thief just think, "I bet you have good stuff inside this SUV and it's all mine!" NOTE: I don't speak thief, just taking a guess at what might go through a stealer's mind.

I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for other personalized plates. When I get a picture of the next one, I'll share it with you here.
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