Friday, July 23, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

Justin Bieber has a role on CSI. Spoiler alert: he and his hair live.

If I could write just one headline about Comic Con, this would be it.

Halle Berry is starring in a movie about some girls addicted to shoes. Ugh. I already hate it.

Shakira is super bendy! You're welcome, fellas.

And if that's not enough, here's some model in a bikini.

Natalie Portman is playing a ballerina in some movie I already want to see.

Dear Snooki, when I call you an Oompa Loompa, please know that it is not out of jealousy. It's the truth.

Tis the season for celeb weddings!

Since I can't unsee this photo of Giorgio Armani, I'm sharing it with you. Sorry.

Cindy Crawford's daughter is gorgeous!

I don't know why this model shoot seems wrong.

Take this love advice from Cameron Diaz at your own risk.

Oh, Governator! I know your days in office are numbered, but this speech is not the best move.

I'm more concerned about whether Jimmy Johnson can survive without hair product than whether he'll win "Survivor."

Christina Applegate is gonna be a mom.

I ♥ "Grease!" However, I don't know about playing it as a video game.

I can't tell if this makes Dr. Dre lose his street cred or if he's just taking advantage of the cash cow.

If you can't guess who has the worst hair extensions ever, read this.

That do-gooder, George Clooney, is getting a little pat on the back at the Emmy Awards. Not sure if it's a regular award or if they just want The Clooney to show up.

CBS is ripping off "The View."

Coming soon to a mall near you...

If you're going to use the words "dirty" and "sexy" in your book title, the cover should deliver, unlike this.

Taylor Swift is releasing her new album in October.

Geena Davis is getting political.

Even though it looks like he's having fun filming this movie, I think I'd rather hear Justin Timberlake do music.

Janet Jackson is back in bikini shape.

Billy Murray might be on board with a third "Ghostbusters."

Lindsay Lohan started serving her time. She really spray tanned like a fiend before checking in. But don't cry for her, as she will be out in just a few days.

If I looked like Sofia Vergara, I'd probably spend my days like this.

Welcome to your 30s, Jessica Simpson! It's all downhill from here!

Ice-T got some new jewelry: handcuffs.

I want what Angelina Jolie is having - unless it's blood. Then, I'll pass.

That kid with the bad haircut is now the focus of a comic book.

That singer, Charice, is just a teen, but apparently not too young for Botox.

One of those "Jersey Shore" kids is "writing" a book. I can promise you, I won't read it.

Halle Berry is 43.

Tim Robbins can sing?

Were the fashion mags duped?

Look at the photo first, then see what she's selling. Speaking of Jen, this is pretty scary.

Most underwhelming news of the week: Spencer Pratt says he's a fame whore.

If you're bored by the stories of Paris Hilton potscapades, maybe this will remind you why she's "famous."

The next season of "Celebrity Rehab" seems to lack actual celebrities. Ahem, Lindsay, you could be the STAR of this cast!

Challenge: tell me this guy is not Hammsome!

I'd say it's the camera angle, but I'm pretty sure Katy Perry's breasts are really this large.

Judge Judy doesn't even work two months a year and she earns more than I ever will.

This is exactly the kind of artwork I'd expect the child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love to create.

Get well soon, Zsa Zsa!

I don't care if the critics hate this movie, I'm seeing it.

R.I.P., James Gammon.
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