Friday, July 16, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

I'm still not sold on Katie Holmes playing Jackie O.

I am interested in this bit of casting news.

The amazing Aaron Sorkin is taking on a movie about John Edwards.

John Legend's new album with The Roots isn't out until September, but you can listen to his new song here.

Maybe Pink should rethink that whole "performance in a harness" thing.

"Beavis and Butthead" are returning to MTV. Not sure how I feel about that.

Don't extort John Stamos.

Does this make you want to stop eating meat?

Lindsay Lohan has checked into rehab.

Funniest bit at the ESPYs.

Craig Ferguson is gonna be a daddy.

Kelly Osbourne is no longer engaged.

Dustin Hoffman + Michael Mann + HBO = WIN.

I like Julianne Moore. I like baby animals. But this ad campaign doesn't make me want to buy a new bag.

Ugh. Old lady with fake face and young junkie starlet are in a Twitter feud.

Betty White is getting ANOTHER TV gig!

If I could already buy tickets to this movie, I would!

Jessica Biel wears next to nothing and spends most days of the week eating nearly nothing.

The YMCA changed it's name to "The Y." Good news: Village People won't change the song.

WHAT!?!? Reality TV relationships are FAKE? I am shocked! SHOCKED I SAY!

From plastic surgery to the weave, Lil' Kim is a hot mess. Unless she's a tranny. Then, she's trantastic!

If you like that "CSI: New York," this could be bad news.

I think this bikini link makes up for any lack of cleavage on this blog. You're welcome.

Look who finally shaved!

Carlos Santana proposed to his girlfriend during his concert. Top that, fellas!

Willie Ames has found work. On a cruise ship. Win?

This (friendly?) relationship is just creepy.

I have never been less attracted to Sylvester Stallone.

I used to think Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore just shared too much information on Twitter. Now, I think they just want attention.

I know Ryan Seacrest works a LOT, but I had no idea he made this kind of money.

Here's how Jessica Simpson celebrated her 30th birthday.

Gotta give it up to Jon Bon Jovi for going on with the show even though he was hurt.

Roman Polanski sets the official standard for pedophiles: get out of the US for a few decades and you'll never have to return to serve time.

Confused. Heather Graham rocked it as a stripper in "The Hangover." So what happened here? Wait. This is more like it.

Wow. The folks at Marvel have no eye for talent. And they're jerks.

The headline on this Enrique Iglesias story says it all.

If you were hoping for a reunion of "The Police," Sting says don't hold your breath.

A whole bunch of celebrities got married this weekend:

Finally... R.I.P., George Steinbrenner.

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