Friday, July 9, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

I don't know what to say about this.

50 Cent & Diddy are engaged in a feud.

I guess reality TV "stars" can't buy a good hair day.

If hitting your wife is a new Hollywood trend, I am shocked that this guy would get in on it.

OMG! Beyonce was almost killed!

Looks like Larry King won't need to write that divorce settlement check after all.

Alec Baldwin says he's quitting acting in 2012. That could be the year I quit "30 Rock." :(

Apparently, you people did not support your American Idols.

I'm adding this to my holiday wish list:

Already looking for booze to drink and special PJs to watch the Emmy Awards! See the nominees here.

Just for fun, check out these celebrity yearbook photos.

Jeremy London is such a good actor, he junkied his way out of a kidnapping!

Jessica Simpson's new boyfriend is still a married man.

Don Johnson just earned a fat payday from that old "Nash Bridges" show.

Remember that song "Down Under" by Men at Work? Turns out, it was not entirely original.

If your man likes to blow up stuff and shout, "Yippee Kay-Yay, MFers," this is the cologne for him.

Holy photoshopping, Cosmo!

But this work is well done!

Cameron Diaz loves her wrinkles. No word on whether she loves her man hands, too.

Another "Bachelorette" couple bites the dust. Can they just stop doing this show already? It's such a scam!

Bad news: no Bond.

Here's a random gay coupling.

I always wonder when actors get sentenced to jail time if they cry because they're scared or because they're so angry their lawyers couldn't keep them from serving time? Side note: get a good look at her manicure.

I really hope this does not catch on.

You should ease up on the fake tanning when you reach this color.

While this story questions whether the height of one of the sisters was altered, I question whether everything else was altered.

Attention Internet: Prince has decided you're over. I decided Prince was over when he changed his name to a symbol you could not pronounce.

Remember that old Mel Gibson who made buddy movies? That guy is LONG gone. Allegedly. Oh, and he's still racist. And he might face criminal charges.

Instead of making great pop songs, this is what George Michael does.

If you want to look like one of those "Jersey Shore" whores kids, your dream has come true!

I think some adults might be taking the "Twilight" thing too far. (Warning: adult content - not images)

Hard to believe this reality TV couple didn't make it.

I usually laugh when people (including myself) fall down. This did not make me giggle. I cringed.

Famous folk can't even shop for underwear in private!

I don't know why celebrity demands never seem surprising to me. If you have a little bit of power and ask someone to do something and they do it, why not ask for the world and dare them to say "no?"

This might be proof that "Glee" will take on anyone who likes to sing or dance - regardless of whether they do it well.

Look who might be playing Ozzy Osbourne on the big screen.

Melissa Etheridge's divorce is getting nasty.

Dave Chappelle broke nearly all the flight rules.

James Cameron is taking 3-D to new lows.
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