Friday, July 2, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Let's start with some crazy! Liza is peddling her own clothing line (!?) on TV. So buy something for your sassy grandma!

Today is Lindsay Lohan's birthday. It did not start well. Or was she just saying things for attention?

This guy is the new Spider Man.

Victoria Beckham is now designing a car? I'm sure it will be pretty, but it will probably mock you if you pull up at a drive-thru and order food.

I like Lady GaGa, but not enough to do this.

Kelsey Grammer is getting a divorce.

Mel Gibson is still a racist.

Should your wax figure look like a "Real Housewife?"

Elle Macpherson makes 47 look awesome (and shiny)!

I already can't wait to see this Meryl Streep movie!

And sign me up for the next adventure with Pee Wee.

Katy Perry gave her mom a facelift. Mom, don't go getting any ideas...

I ♥ Christina Hendricks and how positive she is, but this picture makes my chest hurt.

Thieves take note: you steal a star's iPad and you'll get caught.

Paris Hilton overpacked for her trip to see the World Cup.

Larry King says he'll hang up his suspenders. Guess that means he'll have more time for Ed Hardy.

Here are some celebrity hidden talents.

I had no idea Wonder Woman needed a makeover.

Zoe Saldana is engaged.

Did you see these photos of Lady GaGa posing as a dude?

This story says Britney Spears is not a good mom.

While I don't fully understand Susan Sarandon's ping pong bar, I really don't get a reality show based on it.

I think Snoop may be Willie's long lost son.

I'm not sold on Katie Holmes playing Jackie O.

Madonna's daughter isn't just designing. She's blogging, too.

This story says it could be the end of "Sex And The City." Maybe.

Naomi Campbell is, um, having a bad hair day. Please don't throw a phone at me!

Britney Spears is designing clothes now.

This story has convinced me I am totally qualified to be a Hollywood critic.

This Jennifer Capriati accidental overdose story is just strange.

Crazy Megan Fox married David Silver.

George Clooney's girlfriend can suck it.

Sandra Bullock appears to have divorced at a record pace.

Steve Carell is ready to leave "The Office." I'm ready for that show to get funny again.

Little Suri Cruise has started a new trend: leg doodles!

Mel Gibson might have knocked the teeth out of his baby mama. Sounds right.

Chris Brown shed tears while performing a tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards. I'd like to believe the "Man in the Mirror" lyrics hit close to home for him and that he wasn't just trying to win back fans. But this says it's all fake.
I have no idea what Kelly Brook does for a living, but she can certainly rock a bikini.

I always thought if Victoria Beckham wore extensions, they'd look better than this.

Angelina Jolie says her daughter thinks she's a boy.
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