Saturday, September 11, 2010

After The Rain

This week, Tropical Storm Hermine came right at us. This is some video I took under the shelter of my back patio as the eye approached.

My yard was really happy to get some rain, but after two days, it had enough. It is still soggy. It's also a lovely shade of green - much better than the yellow-green it had turned after weeks of heat and not even a drop of rain.

Now, I spy things I only see after a good rain.
These creatures slither across my sidewalk - a real treat when I step on them in my bare feet without realizing it. Look, I'm just going to get the newspaper from my driveway - usually an incident-free trek. I usually ask them, "Where's your shell?" but either they can't hear me or I can't hear them.

Then, I usually get at least one of these after a good rain.
Ants have to be the hardest working creatures out there! This mound was not there yesterday and this morning, it was pretty big! I took a little bit of time to marvel at it before deciding it had to go. While they are excellent scavengers, I can't risk being attacked by them. Plus, this is right at my front sidewalk, so anyone walking to my front door would be challenged by these ants. But if they want to move next door or down the street, I'm OK with that.
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