Friday, September 10, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Ellen's a model. Wait. Are those actual clothes for a runway?

James Franco wants you to know two things about him. I am not convinced.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I kinda dig little Willow Smith's song.

It's nice that he's helping charity, but I can't get past the thought of Scott Baio turning 50!

Even more surprising: this is what 56 looks like!

I'll have whatever Olivia Newton John is having (unless it's Botox).

I'd call Justin Bieber a punk for this stunt, but he is just a boy.

Is this a glimpse into the life of The Beckhams?

GQ's Man of They Year is...

Jessica Simpson needs walking lessons.

Rachel Dratch has a baby boy.

Jane Fonda says she's had work done.

Larry King's replacement has officially been announced.

Cher might have met her new boyfriend on Facebook.

I don't understand the rubber dresses.

If you believe this lawsuit, Britney Spears is a sexual harasser and horrible mother.

Angelina Jolie has spent the week doing good.

Tim Gunn has written a bitchy book I totally want to read!

An actress who's better known for who she dates caused a scene on a plane.

Look who could have been Superman or James Bond.

More good news about SNL. I'm excited and scared that it won't be as funny as I would like. Maybe I'll just watch while under the influence? And will these cast changes make it better?

James Franco is sharing WAY too much about his private time.

Kate Beckinsale looks just like every other lady on the beach. Right?

Bravo has dumped one of its craziest "Housewives."

If you have more money than God, you can buy this house.

John Travolta dropped that extortion case.

Brigitte Bardot is 76! So what if she says crazy things?

Here's what Courtney Love looks like after an alleged stem cell facelift.

Kanye is all apologies to Taylor Swift - so much so, he's written a song for her.

Kara DioGuardi says she has left American Idol.

Turns out, Ellen Pompeo does NOT have six toes.

R.I.P., Robert Schimmel.
R.I.P, Rich Cronin.
And R.I.P., Mike Edwards.
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