Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook Is Still Creepy, Pt. 2

I was cruising Facebook, looking at my friends' updates and pictures when I came across this ad:
First of all, the idea of finding a millionaire in my home state to ad is creepy. Who am I? Anna Nicole? RIP, crazy fame whore. The idea of trolling for dates on FB, rich or poor, is nasty. When did this site become MySpace?

Then, I take a look at the guy's picture. He's attractive. A closer look makes me think this guy is a bit jerky. There's something about that smirk that says, "I'm going to impress you and if that doesn't make you drop your panties, my little pill that I'll slip in your drink will. If you don't like it, that's OK. I've got girls in every city who will."

As if the photo wasn't enough of a turn off, I read the ad.

See that big, fat grammatical error? Ugh.

If you're running a millionaire matchmaking/hookup site, perhaps you should hire a grammar expert - or someone who has at least done well in an English class to proof your copy! If they can't get that right, they probably aren't keeping crazies out. They definitely aren't testing people for STDs (not proven, just a theory). Two things I don't want: crazies and STDs. So, I'll pass. And why the hell isn't there an "unlike" option?

I am now convinced that matchmaking service is a complete scam. Ladies, don't do it! Unless you like crazy and disease-filled dudes who have a nice bank account. Don't blame me when you're broke and rashy. I warned you.

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