Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Fall TV Lineup

I love this time of year - not just because the hottest days are (usually) behind us, but because it's like Christmas for my DVR! I read up on new shows and decide which ones will make the cut. If they're up against shows I've already decided I like, they don't make the cut. Last year, I had to cut Fringe because it was moved to Thursdays and I refused to cut the NBC comedies or Grey's Anatomy. I thought I would miss it, but I haven't. So, here's what I'm watching:

Full disclosure: I loved James Badge Dale in The Pacific. For that very reason, I decided to check out this AMC series. Also, AMC has yet to make an original show that I have not loved.

This show is filling my LOST void. While it's not set on an island with a polar bear and four-toed statue, it does have its secrets. The characters are interesting. No matter how carefully I watch this (and, friends, you must pay very close attention when watching this - no laptop/cell phone at the tip of your fingers as you will miss something), I love that I don't fully understand what's going on. That's right - I like a show that makes me feel a little dumb. There. I said it.

I don't know where this show is going, but I am loving the journey!

Boardwalk Empire
You heard it here first: Prohibition is the new vampire! Seriously, this book (which I started but stopped because it was all over the place and Ken Burns is making a documentary based on it so I can just watch that) seemed to really get people talking about America's battle against the bottle. This series on HBO is doing more than any network could to educate folks about it. I'm not just saying that because of the sex and expletives - that's all HBO's charm.

I love that the main character is Steve Buscemi. Not many quirky looking guys get as much work as he does. And he is quite possibly the world's best slimeball. I mean that as a total compliment. Really. He's the guy you can't trust but can't take your eyes off. Also, I spied one of my favorite characters from The Wire, so I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans he gets into here.

Mad Men
That is a young actress who could be a big star. She plays Sally Draper, the daughter of the main character. She is phenomenal! Complete scene stealer!

I don't just love this series because of her. There is not one character here that I do not like - or like to hate. I cannot help but want to punch creepy Pete Campbell every time I see him on the screen. I'm sure Vincent Kartheiser is lovely in the real world. His Pete is whiny and bratty - not attractive.

This show is sexy. It's smart. It's funny. It is a fascinating look at life before I was born (long before I was born if you're keeping score).

How I Met Your Mother
I have been with this show from the beginning - even stuck by it when it seemed to have lost its way. Now, the show runners say it's on a path to live up to its title.

Truth: I really don't care about how Ted meets his baby mama. I love every other character, in particular Barney, played by the uber-awesome Neil Patrick Harris! I am annoyed by Ted and his need to make every relationship with a woman head towards the alter. Are there really guys like this? If so, keep 'em away. Annoying. Just live and let things happen. I know this is a TV show (sit-com at that), but I think at this point the only way I'd feel satisfied with Ted's story coming to an end is if the "mother" is actually a tranny. Otherwise, I'll wait for Barney's zingers and Marshal and Lily's trip to Babyville.

Dancing With The Stars
This show is so wrong, it's right!

Take the most random of the random "stars," spray tan 'em, squeeze them into sparkly clothes, queue the band and let 'em shimmy and shake until the voters send them home.

I wish I would have thought of this show. It's so simple! This year's contestants are a bit, um, odd. I can't even think of one who seems like a front-runner. I think at least half of them will be awkward, a bit like your drunk relative cruising the dance floor at a wedding.

I'm not even sure what exactly this show is about. There's some secret - some event - that is top secret. Once I know what this is, I will either decide to stick with the show or cut it.

I feel the same way about this one that I did with Flash Forward, that show also had a secret (time travel) that was supposed to just keep happening. YAWN.

The cast looks interesting. The promos have been intriguing. I hope this show doesn't have just one trick in its bag. If so, we'll part ways.

I'm not old enough to have been a fan of the original. There's something about this reboot that interests me. Maybe it's because of the cast (hello, Daniel Dae Kim and Scott Caan!). Maybe it's because the promos have given me just enough smart-aleckyness to get me into this cop show.

I don't usually love a cop show as they tend to be too far fetched. But I know that if nothing else, this show will have some beautiful scenery (and I'm not just talking about topless dudes). I hope this one is entertaining, or it'll get the ax.


I dare you to watch that and not laugh out loud. Can't do it. Impossible. Jane Lynch is gold! Gold I tell ya!

Yes, these kids break into song. But there's a good chance you know the music. And if not, well, let your DVR do the forwarding.

Will Arnett always makes me giggle. I keep reading mixed reviews about this one, but I'm willing to check it out.

Because it's new, I give the new shows about three episodes before I decide if I'll cut them. I hope it doesn't have a laugh track. Shows like that really bug me. It's like the creators don't want you to miss what they thought was funny. I know when to laugh, people. How about you stick to writing the funny stuff and getting the funny people to deliver? Oh, how I hope this one makes the cut! I'm not setting the bar too high, but I will probably give it a little time to find its groove.

If I have learned one thing from this show, it's this: I am not a survivor. If, like the people on this show, I was plopped in the middle of some post-apocalyptic scenario and forced to live, I would be the first person who was murdered. 

Each week, these people amaze me. Just when it appears they're nearly out of food, they catch something. They turned pig carcasses into fuel. They built a windmill. They built a water filtration system. The only thing they don't have is plumbing and air conditioning (these are necessities, not options for me). I am absolutely fascinated by this group of people who would never cross paths in the real world. But on this show, they are one cohesive group fighting for survival. If you have poo-pooed reality television, this is worth watching. Really.

Two words: Michael Imperioli.

If ABC will give him a second shot at playing a cop on their network, I will give him another shot, too.

I know the people of Detroit haven't exactly liked the idea of a show about murders based in their city, but it has to be somewhere. If this cop show is going to keep my interest, it's going to need some bizarre murders, funny one-liners and it should go easy on the clich├ęs. Otherwise, I'll bury this one with the fishes, just like Christopher would have done.

Oh, Brick!

This kid has some of the best lines ever whispered on television! His siblings are pretty funny, too.

I find Patricia Heaton's mom to be tired and whiny. But the kids really make this show.

I don't know what will happen when they grow old enough to leave home. Maybe they'll take in exchange students to keep this one going? Either way, as long as the kids are quirky, I'll keep turning in.

This show is brand new. Well, the idea isn't. But I think it has potential. Three couples in different stages of their relationships and they spend time together, no doubt each will say, "We're not like that" or "We used to be like that." 

As long as they make me giggle, I'll stick with them. Otherwise, we'll break up. No counseling. No regrets. 

There is not one character on this show that bugs me. If that doesn't spell "WIN!" I don't know what will.

This is one great, big, crazy family! They're functional on their own level. I love that the cast is so large that you don't fully know everything about them. Each week, you get a little nugget. 

Like this photo. Cam used to be a clown. I cannot imagine hiring this clown for anything, unless I wanted to scare children. HMMM. I have never watched an episode of this show and not laughed out loud more than once. LOVE IT!

Just when I thought I loved this show, they had to go and throw Betty White into the mix! Oh, that's a good thing! 

This show is such a good time! I was a little worried about it when I added it, but this cast is crazy fun and not one person isn't funny. 

I have to wonder how long it can go on. Once these characters finish community college, I don't know that they'd all still be pals at the big school. 

Time will tell. I'll keep tuning in until then.

I have followed this on Twitter (you can get a NSFW sampling here) for a while. I am totally stumped as to how this will translate to television.

The premise: this guy moves back in with his parents and his old cranky dad is quick to give his opinion - whether or not anyone asked.

I wonder how much acting William Shatner will be doing here. I also wonder how many weeks I can watch this before it becomes tired and predictable - you know, because I've read his dad's comments before.

I loved Liz Lemon before she met this handsome pilot (Matt Damon). Now, knowing he's back this season, I am in love all over again!

This show is consistently funny. It's silly. It's sometimes even a little bit sweet.

I will follow Tina Fey wherever she goes. I truly believe she's my big sister. Although, don't go getting a restraining order. I wouldn't think about threatening her. She's tougher than me!

The last few seasons haven't been as funny as I had hoped. Knowing this is Steve Carrell's last season to play boneheaded boss, Michael Scott, I can't quit this show.

I have high hopes for it this year. I cannot believe the writers would let their beloved boss go out with a whimper.

I am rooting for it be funny and silly - just like the old days.

I want more Jim and Dwight antics (when was the last time he put Dwight's office supplies in Jello?). I want Andy to sing more. I want Creed to be slow and cranky. I want ... well, I want this show to return to its early, pre-syndication days when it was the first thing I watched each Thursday.

I am just checking out this show for now. I don't have high expectations for it.

I want it to woo me.

If these kids aren't funny, I'll skip it. I don't know how funny a language barrier can be, but I'll give it a chance. Also, when there are so many unemployed people in America, are we really ready to laugh at foreigners taking our jobs? I know it saves companies money, but there actually are Americans who want those minimum wage jobs.

Three episodes or less to impress.

That's all I'm watching. Go ahead, tell me that I should find some better way to spend my time. I am actually quite efficient with my TV watching. I won't add the new shows to my TV roll on the right of the page until I decide if I'm going to keep watching them. 

What are you watching this fall? Is there something I'm missing? Let me know so I can check it out!
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