Friday, August 27, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

While I think John Mayer is a douche bag, I do like his response to the "reporting" at Huffington Post.

It only took 20 years for Julio Iglesias to marry his girlfriend (so, um, hang in there, ladies?).

How can Macaulay Culkin be 30?

I think this is a sign Heidi Montag must be mourning her plastic surgeon.

No more of those "MacGruber" sketches on SNL.

See? Women really can't like each other when they work together.

Looks like we'll be seeing a whole lotta John Hamm at the Emmy's Sunday (and I am SO OK with that)!

Note to self: Don't piss off Drew Barrymore.

I haven't loved an Adam Sandler film in a while, but I can already tell I won't like this one.

Hey, y'all! Britney Spears is back to wearing a bikini!

Hide your booze and cocaine! Lindsay's loose!

I wish I never read this story about Bozo The Clown.

George Michael is the perfect candidate for the next "Celebrity Rehab."

I believe Cindy Crawford (who's 44, BTW) sold her soul to the devil.
Ever wanted to see Beyonce in a high-waisted bikini? POOF! Wish granted!

Here's Miss Universe.
She's Mexican, so I fully expect her to negotiate new immigration laws in the U.S.

Paris Hilton tweeted about a guy armed with knives breaking into her home.

Elizabeth Hurley says they're real. She does not say if they're spectacular.

Must. Go. To. Australia.

Do they say being a douche bag doesn't pay? Because this says it does.

Those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are returning to the big screen. What's the opposite of awesome - besides this movie?

This won't get me to watch "Cougar Town."

If you didn't already think Rachel Uchitel was a whore, this should seal the deal.

Oh, Elin finally got that divorce.

This couple also split up.

Maybe Mariah Carey isn't sucking it in?

Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks could star in a movie that sounds like a tearfest.

Fantasia says her overdose was no accident.

The real Emmy Awards are this weekend, but two of my faves got a jump start by winning a few last weekend.

Jay Leno is going to try to be funny this weekend for a Gulf Coast benefit.

Dolly Parton is returning to the big screen and I already can't wait to not see this movie!

Another weekend, another celebrity wedding.

The Beckhams really have it all - money (more now that they've cut expenses) and amazing bodies.
I could totally hate them.

This sounds too good to be true: Madonna getting a deal to do shows in Vegas.

Here's Drew Barrymore looking a bit unstable and wearing Cousin Itt for a wrap.

Ladies, this might be how Justin Timberlake wants you to smell.

OMG! Shakira has stretch marks!

Wyclef Jean won't be President of Haiti any time soon.

R.I.P., Nancy Dolman (wife of Martin Short).
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