Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brown, Brown Wine

Doesn't quite have the same ring as that song by UB40 that I liked back in the day. However, it did get my attention while shopping today.

That's ChocoVine. The label says it has "the taste of dutch chocolate and fine red wine." It looks like Yoo-Hoo. I don't like Yoo-Hoo. I'd rather have chocolate milk. Seeing that bottle in the wine section grossed me out. I mean, look, I have lush tendencies. I'll try just about anything. But this? I guess I'm just not daring enough. Instead, I snapped a picture and kept shopping.

But I got to thinking about it. I Googled it. I found ChocoVine's website. I read about it. It won the prize. I love chocolate and I love wine, but drinking them together? Even the site says it's been tried before and hasn't worked out. But, according to the site, this time the combination been perfected! Allegedly.

Maybe if I'm feeling a little more daring, I'll pick up a bottle. If I'm really brave, I'll get video of myself trying it. Have you seen this or tried it? Would you? I don't know why but I get a tummy ache just thinking about it - like those Jones Sodas that roll out around the holidays (who wants to drink mashed potatoes?). 

Then again, it could be my new favorite cocktail.
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