Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stop the mADness!

I spend a lot of my time on the web, looking for news and silly stuff. Some of it is for work, some of it is just for entertainment. There is one thing that really bugs me: the ad invasion.

I like sites that compile stories and blog posts from different sources in one place so I don't have to hunt much. However, this forces me to deal with one repeat offender. Let's start with the first seconds this site loads.
This drop down ad for some show I won't watch pushes the whole page down. Just when I start to scroll past it, the page jumps up. And if that somehow gets missed, they really want you to consider the show. Move past the big picture for the big story and, WHAM-O! Two more ads for the show.

It's not just The Huffington Post.

Calling up ABC News starts with this drop down ad.
Scroll down a bit, and two more ads for this fake sugar.
And on Drudge, the ad doesn't even drop down. It just sits there, daring you to scroll down to find the actual content.
I know advertising is important (and I'm not blind to the ads on this blog). But why are they so "in your face?" And desperate?

I also don't appreciate ads that make me feel guilty for clicking off the page.

If you believe these ads, you really deserve to be taken to the cleaners.

Be ware of the ones that try hard to look like they're news stories with benefits.

What's with the ads that play video?

While I'm glad they don't always start blasting sound when you open a page, I find them distracting and rarely click for sound.

I fear the future when advertisers can toss scents out from the web or the TV. Because you can look away or scroll fast, but those sneaky advertisers will find a way to get you! Or was that a dream I had?
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