Friday, August 20, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Is it just me, or does it look really uncomfortable to see Mariah Carey constantly sucking it in? She either needs to breathe or get some Spanx.

Speaking of letting it all hang out... get a look at Scarlett Johansson.

I do not support the idea of a non-gray Anderson Cooper.

Guess who's hosting a totally irrelevant (but sometimes entertaining) awards show?

Orlando Bloom is going to be a daddy.

Jennifer Aniston uses that word that got Rahm Emanuel in trouble. See it around the 2 minute mark.

Best criminal charge ever. If only ignorance was a crime...

You may not love this song, but check out Katy Perry's man candy!

A scammer stole thousands from some famous ladies.

Hey, y'all! Britney Spears got her hair did for "Glee!"

It appears Kristen Bell isn't one of those actresses who just sits around dreaming about eating.

Lady GaGa's tour is earning a gazillion dollars.

This story may/may not have information on future Paramount projects.

When they say Lindsay Lohan will earn a $1 million check for her first interview in the free world, I wonder if she gets that in cash or blow?

I love this lady on "Mad Men" but have been lukewarm about her everywhere else. This does not inspire me to see her on the big screen.

Nothing screams, "Look at me! No, really, LOOK AT ME!" like this.

I don't know what was happening in that house when Brittany Murphy was still alive, but what was allegedly happening after her death is creepy.

If the folks at "American Idol" want to appeal to baby boomers, they win.

Here's a celeb-penned book that I'll definitely read.

Super hot.

I wouldn't say Alec Baldwin has put on weight (definitely not to his face - he could crush me), but I would say his shirt is awfully snug.

Paris Hilton may be getting into the family business (treatment for STDs may/may not be included in the rate).

Juliette Lewis totally stole my next hair color!

After learning what Sherri Shepherd makes on "The View," I am now on a mission to get a spot at the table with the ladies. On a related note: have you ever seen her eat on the view? It's like Godzilla scooping up edibles and shoveling them into his mouth.

The doctor who created Heidi Montag's "new look" died.

Here's one more thing I didn't know (or really want to know) about Kim Kardashian.

For the ladies (and the guys who like guys) - here's Johnny Depp.

GASP! A 30-something celeb has stretch marks! Her career (whatever it is) is kaput.

Michael Douglas is being treated for a tumor.

Mel Gibson had a car crash - symbolic since his life and career seem to be one big train wreck.

The Millionaire Matchmaker has split from her fiance. My confidence in her is gone.

Jenny McCarthy might be having a mid-mid-life crisis.

That Tila Tequila creature will go anywhere/do anything for attention. On a related note: I think Adrianne Curry is her long lost fame whoring sister.

It looks like Zsa Zsa is preparing for the end. Sad.

This is what happens when Kanye, John Legend and Estelle rock the house.

This Is Rosewood: Starring Kanye West & John Legend from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

Madonna's facial work seems to have settled just in time for her birthday.

Hilary Duff (who I think is still technically an actress) is married. And she signed a pre-nup.

My beloved Neil Patrick Harris is going to be a daddy!

I guess being the youngest kid of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis makes it OK to wear a shirt as a dress?

This celebrity couple is calling it quits.

This divorce news makes me a little sad.
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