Friday, August 13, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

I'm kicking this off with a performance by Ellen and one of my favorite dancers.

I'm not the only one who's had a rant about Jennifer Aniston this week. I think mine was better.

Here's Hilary Swank in a bikini.

Get a look at Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's NYC pad!

It appears Kelsey Grammer is a douche bag.

Pee-Wee Herman is sharing things.

Beyonce hopes this will get you to buy something from her new clothing line.

Pasty white people like me have company!

If he can't make music, George Michael can pass the time fighting criminal charges.

Paris Hilton is being sued because of her fake hair.

Zsa Zsa is back home.

Since she can't get work, I guess this is Mischa Barton's backup plan?

If you were only going to watch "American Idol" because Jennifer Lopez was going to be one of the judges, don't worry about setting the DVR.

Leonardo DiCaprio is making bank off "Inception."

This totally makes me want to see the new "Arthur."

Sofia Vergara tells the ladies what she really thinks.

Pause for a moment and look at Juliet Roberts' endless legs.

I have high expectations that this host will rock SNL.

This singer is pregnant.

Look, y'all! Paris Hilton is a tranny!

And what's up with the butt on her chest? Looks painful.

I really hope Kanye is prepared to be interrupted at the VMAs.

This has not been a good week for Fantasia.

Another slideshow of stars without makeup. I don't think I'll leave the house without makeup again.


I know three things about Eva Longoria: she shares a LOT of personal stuff online, she always seems to be chewing gum and she's very hands-on with her co-stars.

As for Teri Hatcher, she wants you to know her face is not (presently) full of Botox.

I am not on-board with the vampire diet.

John Travolta's hairpiece isn't so great.

I guess this is what it looks like when Britney Spears has a stylist.

This is a really dumb reason to fight.

They're married, so this makes sense.

Whitney lived to see 47!

LOOK! Celebrity in a bikini!

If the networks quit paying attention to this loser, he'll go away. DON'T DANGLE REALITY SHOWS IN FRONT OF HIM!

Holy man boobs!

Either Megan Fox is all Botoxed up or she's ironing her face.

I have never crowd surfed, but if I ever do, I will wear more than Lady GaGa.
Van Halen is recording a new album with David Lee Roth. Um, what year is it?

Speaking of old rockers ... this one is gonna be a dad - again.

 "Entourage" has just one more season left. I am totally OK with that.

When a reality TV "star" does this for his rocker girlfriend, I think it's definitely a relationship meant to last. Sarcasm. Choking on sarcasm.

This could be the world's most expensive/tackiest yard sale.

Great. A sequel to a movie that did not appeal to me the first time around.

A super funny couple welcomed their second baby boy.

R.I.P., Patricia Neal.
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