Monday, August 16, 2010

Enough With The Humidity!

My curls can barely handle the super humidity we've had all summer! And, so it seems, my house is trying to wring out the moisture, too.

Take a look at what has been sprouting every now and then on my front doormat.
Little mushrooms! I was a little grossed out when I nearly stepped on them, but I think they're kind of cute - thriving in the moisture and that straw mat. I thought dirt was the only thing that mat could hold!

They're not just a result of the humidity in the air. Ever since I had my air conditioner serviced (again), it's been doing a fantastic job of getting the humidity out of the house. The problem: the drain.
That drain is over my small front patio. While it's been insanely humid this summer (if you don't live in San Antonio, I can only describe it as coastal humidity - so soupy it might as well rain), it hasn't been crazy hot like it was last summer. But this is the first summer that this drain has noticed - and bugged - me. It doesn't hang right over the door, so I don't feel the drip when getting inside.

Take a look at the mess it makes.
My front door step is one giant puddle! That mat is drenched! It's like a sponge - soaking up every drop, passing some of it onto the patio, but holding onto as much water as it can.

I really wish the person who designed my home would have thought that through. Why not put that drain in some place where it wouldn't bother anyone - like the other side of the house? So strange. And what can I possibly do about this? Put a plant there to catch that water? Get rid of the mat?

Still, if this is the worst of my problems, I'll manage. Just know that if you come to my house, you'll have to dodge my moat. There's no fire-breathing dragon, but I do have plenty of lizards hanging around!
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