Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have We No Shame?

I admit that I love YouTube - probably too much. It is one of my favorite time wasters. But I have noticed that it, like many forms of social media, has been invaded by people who share way too much about themselves and their privates.

When another one of my favorite sites had this story written by a woman who recently experienced her first bikini wax, I wasn't that surprised. But then, a follow-up piece included this video.

Really? I mean, I'm glad she didn't show her lady bits being stripped bare, but still. I went from giggling a bit at her pain (like that scene from "40 Year Old Virgin") to squirming in discomfort.

I went back to that video sharing site to see many similar entries. And if you're curious about hair removal, these options might help/hurt you. Getting into the dating pool and curious about personal grooming? People have asked and answered your questions here.

I have to wonder if people who are seeking the advice are genuine or just trying to get people to notice them? At least I know now that if I have any questions I should skip Google and look for answers on YouTube. Not only will someone explain it, they'll show me - whether my stomach can handle it or not.
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