Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh No They Didn't!

My friend, Julie, has become an unknowing participant on this blog. Since she hasn't written an entry on her blog in nearly a year (ask her why), I'm pretty sure she rarely reads blogs. OOOOH - the things I could write... But I won't. Instead, I'm adding this photo as my latest entry in a series I'm calling "Personalized License Plates - I Don't Get 'Em."



The car isn't that hot, so I can kind of understand doing something for attention. But who drives that? And what is he or she thinking? It's a lady, right? Probably one who vajazzles. Or is it a gynecologist? You know, like that episode of Seinfeld where the proctologist's car said, "ASSMAN."

There's a part of me that wants to track down the person behind this plate. The other part of me - you know, the one with the gag reflex - says, "let it go."

Previous License Plates Spotted:
[You can see Julie's original picture here]
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