Friday, February 18, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Look at this super-stylish mother and son.
If you want to see Britney Spears promote products, I mean her new video, click here.

Not sure I'll tune in to this episode of Oprah.

Michael Jackson's estate made ridiculous bank, but it's not enough to get out of the red.

Oh, Detroit!

That Three Stooges movie is not only happening, it might have Cher!

This character is my favorite on SNL!

The guys behind Glee are working on a totally different TV project.

I don't understand how there can be a TV show about Chelsea Handler that does not star Chelsea Handler.

This girl rocks!

Sometimes I read things that make me ragey. This is one of them.

This does not make me want to go to the opera.

I can't believe this lady turned down DWTS!

Why do people keep expecting George Clooney to suddenly become a family man?

This old singer has a new baby.

Dear Sarah Jessica Parker: STOP.

If you want to see how Taylor Swift spent her tropical vacation, click here.

L-O-V-E this girl!

I haven't read a kids' book in a while, but this sounds fun!

This seems like a strange tattoo to get on your birthday. Also, totally don't get the rib tattoos. Looks painful.

David Cassidy won't go to jail.

I don't care what Facebook says, I like Oreos more than Lil Wayne.

So, this is the new Wonder Woman?

Charlie Sheen is now offering advice to Lindsay Lohan. And so is this guy?

DAMMIT! Sofia Vergara even looks pretty while eating! Also, I'm glad she's not sticking with her natural hair color.

YAY! Another awards show! Or as I call it, "another drinking game!"

This actress, whose work I've never seen, is pregnant again.

So, Halle Berry's baby daddy might not be racist after all. And now, all is right with that pretty couple. For now.

I had no idea Matt Damon was in the running for this movie.

Here's a way to get Baby Boomers to go to the ballet.

Looks like I'll need earplugs to watch this year's Oscars.

This cat fight may be the ONLY reason I'll check out Celebrity Apprentice.

I'm beginning to think that "Prince" who married Zsa Zsa is not good with money.

I've had this dream.
I bet the people who picked on this lady are eating their words.

Frankie Muniz is not cool.

I'm happy that Paula Abdul dance show that I watched but did not enjoy won't be coming back for a second season.

Someone should take away Charlie Sheen's phone.

Fame is bad for families.

Those Beliebers (cannot believe I just typed that) are mean kids.

Here ya go, fellas.

Soon, you'll be able to watch Roseanne on her nut farm on your TV (or not).

OOOH! HBO will air a Lady Gaga concert.

I cannot believe the NY Times forgot about Whoopi's Oscar!

I'm super excited this show got a second season!

The cast just keeps getting more amazing for Batman 3.

Lady Gaga made the most bizarre entrance to the Grammy's. Also, Christina Aguilera literally fell - not like that Superbowl stumble.

See more Grammy's fashion here.

Who cares who won the BAFTAs? Look at what the ladies wore!

Are those Spanx?

People may have gotten sick at the Playboy Mansion (not STDs).

That Friends money apparently goes a long way.

This seems like a better fit for the Aretha Franklin movie. I couldn't have seen Halle Berry in the role.

Elizabeth Taylor is back in the hospital.

Rest in peace, Kenneth Mars.
And Betty Garrett.
And "Uncle Leo."

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