Monday, February 14, 2011

Seven Rom-Coms That I Love

Yes, there are some romantic comedies (or chick flicks) that I love. While I have previously cited those I think are bad examples to women (see them here, here, here and here), I do have a few go-to films that always make me feel warm and fuzzy - appropriate on Valentine's Day.

Sixteen Candles

This might be the first romantic comedy I ever saw (it's definitely the first one I remember). What's so right about it? Well, let's see... John Hughes had such an amazing ability to write like a teenager. Even now, when I watch any of his movies, I still feel connected to every character. I like that the shy, unpopular girl gives her panties to the nerdy boy who has a crush on her so he can get a little street cred from the other nerds. I like that the super hot, popular guy realizes the super hot (for the 80s), popular girl is not the girl for him. He wants the shy, unpopular girl. And he gets her.
I think most girls my age have always wanted a Jake Ryan moment (minus the whole "return of the panties" thing). Perfection!

Love Actually

Not one thing wrong with this. Not Colin Firth. Not the fact that most story lines tie up neatly. It truly has a happy ending - even though at least one guy accepts that his love actually just likes him. It's real and it's sweet. It's also one of my favorite holiday movies (Valentine's Day is a holiday - so this is doubly appropriate).

500 Days of Summer

Oh, I love every single thing about this. From the music, to the quirky actors, to the little dance scene! I also love the torture of this love/anti-love story. Like real life, you see love isn't perfect. You see the heartbreak. You see the end of the relationship before the character recognizes it's over. And you see the happy ending - which is really more hopeful than fairy tale.


OK, so, like this movie totally reminds me of the 90s. It still speaks to me. While the fashion has changed, cell phones are smaller and Alicia Silverstone seems to have vanished, there are still lessons to be learned. I still don't understand how girls can get all hot and bothered over teenage boys (current times: as if you boys don't have your own special, um, scent, that long, shaggy, Bieberesque hair style looks dirty and smelly). I am still a bit weirded out by the whole "falling in love with your former stepbrother" part, but I can say this was the first time I thought, "I like that Paul Rudd guy. I hope he makes more movies." Now, if only I could use that power to come up with the winning lottery numbers...

Urban Cowboy

Go ahead. Mock this choice. But I love every single cheesy second of this movie. I love the accents. I love the hats. I love the music. In fact, I love it so much, that I sing along when I watch the movie - at home, people, I'm not torturing people in public. Yet. I love that Bud and Sissy marry before they even know each other, only to slip apart and realize they love each other. I would even like to know how these two wound up - did they have little Buds and Sissies? Did they get their own mechanical bull so they could skip going out? Did Bud strike it rich in the oil business? Did Sissy start her own tow truck company? So many questions!

Say Anything

Lloyd Dobler. The guy who chases the girl only to have his heart crushed by the girl. And Cameron Crowe totally nailed the dialogue. "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen." "I am looking for a dare to be a great situation." See, Cameron revealed what girls want: guys to want them. Maybe not to stalkerish levels, but still, girls secretly want the chase - because we're tired. Any movie that can get a scene like this to be duplicated wins.

The Notebook

Fine. You win. This is the sappiest of the movies on this list. It is sweet. It is romantic. It is sad - tragic actually. I don't just cry when I watch this. I am full-on hysterical. I always reach the point of crying so hard I have to focus on my breathing or I'll pass out. Tread lightly with this one. It is on par with Terms of Endearment tears. I don't watch this every time it's on TV, unless I know I don't have to be anywhere the next day so my swollen eyes won't scare people.

Those are the movies I love to see love happen. I'm sure I left some out, but maybe I'll think of them by next Valentine's Day.
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