Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Can Be Wonder Woman!

As a kid, I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I saw her as strong and tough - a woman who might fool guys with her starred panties and golden boobies, then wrap them in her truth lasso and show them who's boss. Wait. That sounded almost like network porn (you know, what you'd see in primetime on ABC). I didn't mean it that way. I just mean that she was a gorgeous woman who didn't take crap from anyone. If that isn't role model material for a young girl, I don't know what is (and if you name a Disney starlet, I will make you eat those words in five years or less)!

I'm really not on board with the new Wonder Woman. Every now and then, I see things that remind me of this uber-role model and I get excited about her all over again. Like this:
Oh, I remember being excited about that as a child! I was less excited when I saw them on eBay. Now, this is more to my liking (and comfort level):
I am giving serious thought to those since I would feel comfortable walking outside to get my newspaper in them than those Underoos (note: I would not do that unless I had lost my mind). And I think they're still better than pajama jeans.

Then, I learned MAC Cosmetics was rolling out Wonder Woman makeup!
How cool would that be in my bag?!?

Or these:
With colors like "Defiance," "Lady Justice," "Emancipation" and "Secret Identity," I feel like I could BE Wonder Woman!

And these:
Well, that red called "Obey Me," would make me supreme ruler of (my) universe!

I think a Wonder Woman boost may be just what I need. Or it's the sure ticket to the looney bin. I'm a grown woman who is considering living life as a super hero without the danger. And the invisible plane.
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