Friday, February 11, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

If this doesn't say, TGIF, I don't know what does (besides margaritas).

Potential DWTS casting news.

Interesting story about Joan Crawford.

Maybe a reality show will make us all want more of this guy?

UGH. This girl is hosting SNL next month. I can't take her voice for more than ten seconds!

I'll probably check out this show in the fall.

There's no way this divorce settlement is cheap.

With Academy Awards ads at these prices, I expect to see some good stuff - or at least ads better than what played during the Super Bowl.

Linda Gray!
Based solely on appearance, this is a coupling I don't get.

I was going to rally behind Jennifer Aniston until I saw the update on this story.


Billy Joel is mad at Elton John.

Can't unread this.

Ricky Gervais has an excellent casting recommendation for The Office.

Potentially interesting casting news?

Neil Patrick Harris's new home is lovely.

Hoping this couple is as OK as the wifey says.

I don't know if I buy this coupling. I'm not the only one.

A pop star/actress (?) is splitting from her rocker husband.

Well, it's not a meat dress.

I'm really excited about Julia Roberts' next role.

Lindsay Lohan is clueless. And maybe headed to prison.

This boring couple broke up again.

Charlie Sheen might not be completely horrible.

There's a movie critic that should check over his shoulder for Christian Bale.

Jennifer Lopez's home has no trace of toddlers.

Olivia Wilde is single.

This former Sex and The City lady has a new baby.

Seriously, Cindy Crawford?

Helena Bonham Carter is giving me another reason to look forward to the Academy Awards.

David Letterman is on medication?

Of all the Scientology stories I've heard, this one might be the craziest.

Tina Fey sets the record straight about working moms.

Meryl Streep is already wowing me in her next movie!

If Prince ever calls you onto the stage, YOU BETTER DANCE.

This news makes me want Sarah Palin to run for President.

UGH. It looks like that Sex and The City prequel is happening.

Let's pause for David Beckham.
Super stylish Rachel Zoe is still rocking heels - while eight months pregnant.

Selma Blair is also pregnant and in a bikini.

Snoop Dogg gives the best response to a girl who flashed him.

Kobe Bryant is not afraid to get a pedicure.

When I grow up, I want to be Dita Von Teese.

Katy Perry seems to be saying, "Look at my new perfume!" while her chest is screaming, "NO! LOOK AT ME!"
Fingers crossed that these guys find a way to make that HBO special happen!

If this is the alternative to a Dynasty reboot/movie, I'll take it!

This doesn't make me like Cameron Diaz or Alex Rodriguez any more. But I fully support their ab-off.

A Polaroid thief is on the loose.

Even actors take a hit to the face in real life.

This is SO the face of a guy who does not need an intervention.
A former SNLer is coming back to TV.

Zsa Zsa is back home. But this picture doesn't make me feel so good about that.

A TV show that's like Inception? I'll check that out.

If you believe this is really Joan Rivers' body, you should just go ahead and give me whatever cash is in your wallet now.

I don't even care that she flubbed the song. I just want to know why she looked so angry while singing it.

Rest in peace, Gary Moore.

Tura Satana.

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