Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is supposed to be a social event - gathering with friends/family to watch The Big Game. However, I choose to be anti-social. Not that I don't like people (I do - mostly). It's that I don't care about the game. I do love the commercials. Here are my favorites:

Put a cute dog in a commercial and let him get the last laugh? I'm SO on board with that!

Oh, this is what it would be like to watch the Super Bowl with my grandparents.

It should not surprise those of you who know me that I giggled at this ad. I still don't know if Pepsi Max is a drink or a weapon, but I might try it just to find out. CONSIDER THAT A WARNING.

I like that this ad is kind of a tribute to Apple. Not sure Motorola is as cool as Apple. But it's trying.

This is definitely one of the best ads of the game. Also, I hope this kid outgrows this. His teenage years will be  even more awkward.

I see what's happening here. Monkeys are the new Asians. And Careerbuilder might be racist.

This makes me miss The Osbournes TV show. Also, will someone tell me what it takes to get this Bieber kid out of my television? He's EVERYWHERE!

This was Eminem's second ad (the other was animated and not good) and it made me wonder if Eminem needs money. I really don't think he's rolling around Detroit in a Chrysler. But if it helps the good people of Detroit to think that, then GOOD FOR THEM!

I love a commercial that includea "Ow! My nose!" and Urkel.

I don't so much care for the new Mercedes as I really and truly want one of the classic ones. Also, Diddy's car coming to life? Bonus!

Oh, fellas! I totally get this one! Dude fantasy with hot girl who drives hot car - and she's a GOOD driver! HEELARIOUS! Also, sexist. Don't think I didn't see that.
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