Monday, July 11, 2011

Do You Know These People?

My inbox has become full of photos recently. When I first started writing about personalized license plates, I had no idea there were so many. Now, it's become something I can't miss (and since mentioning it to my friend, Adam, he can't seem to stop spotting them). So, rather than hold onto them and share them one by one, I'm emptying my inbox and phone here.
When I first saw this license plate, I noticed the blue star (Cowboys fan?).

Then, I realized it was trying to tell me something:

GET 12

Get 12? What does that mean? Then, it hit me.

Get one, too.

Ugh. Lame. You want a world where everybody has a BMW? Or are you inviting a thief to swipe your car? Either way, I am not on board.

Yet another one of those fancy, individualized plates. But it also says something.


Is this a misplaced Cubs fan (this is South Texas, not Chicago)? Or does the driver have a child on a little league team by that name?

Whatever the case, I think it's a good commitment to the team. This person is in it no matter what - push them around when the team is lousy, then give 'em a wave when the team is doing well. No fair-weather fan on board!

This, I love!

I like the little dog and cat on the left side of the license plate (why don't I have one of those?). I like that the plate says "4 PAWZ." Well, I don't like that paws is spelled with a "z." That's actually a peeve of mine. Perhaps "4 PAWS" was taken?

If you like animals so much that you're willing to put it on your license plate, do it! But maybe this driver should also have a "I Brake For Dogs" sticker - or something to that effect - on the bumper just so people know where he/she stands.

This one's a little harder to see.


Now, this hardly looks like the kind of car that would have a rod and reel in the trunk. So I'm going to guess the driver is FISHN for something else.

  • Stares
  • Compliments
  • Love
  • Whistles
  • Gas money
I have no idea what this one means.


The black background makes me think there was some thought put into this - it's not the typical plate.

But what's CR? And why does the driver LUV it/him/her?

Totally stumped. If you know what it means, please let me know.

I know this one is hard to see. If you can't squint to read it, here's what it says:


Is this a name for the red sporty car? Does this person like comic books? Is this driver computer savvy? Is this person into gross dog humor? Does he/she like beer? Is the driver a basketball fan? So many questions, but I don't know the driver so it's all a big mystery.

Oh, Joe.

That's what it says right next to the blue star.


That's cool and all until he goes to sell the car. Anyone not named Joe will have to buy new license plates. I wonder if that next owner will keep the tradition of naming the car after him/herself?

Here's another one that stumps me.


Now, I'm pretty sure that if this belonged to the FBI, they would have government plates and not exactly advertise the agency (would make undercover work hard). 

So, I'll guess that the people who ride in this car have a last name starting with "G."

And here's the last one in my inbox:


Now, judging by that and the little longhorn to the upper left of the license plate, I'm going to say this driver likes the University of Texas (not hookers, though I'm not judging that).

I feel so much better now that I have emptied my inbox and phone of all those license plate photos! If you want to interpret some of the other license plates I've featured, click here.
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