Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

I think Lady Gaga considers this "toned down."
Eva Longoria is pole dancing - for Desperate Housewives. Nope. Still not watching that.

Martha Stewart's company may need a revamp.

Joe Pesci is suing the people behind that Gotti film.

Is there really a need for a reality show on what's left of soap stars?

That Osama bin Laden movie is on the fast track.

I will only support a sequel to Bridesmaids if the trailer looks at least half as funny as the original.

Morgan Freeman would like the GOP to stop using his voice double.

Selena Gomez is 19.
I feel sorry for Zsa Zsa. Her husband is crazy.

Apparently, you can count this "reality star" as a contestant on DWTS.

Maybe this actress's Grey's Anatomy training will get her through her pregnancy.

Not sure this would have made one of the Twilight movies better.

Don't mess with Alex Trebek.

Stories like this don't make me like Katherine Heigl.

Denise Richards is doing so much press, I have no reason to buy her book (not that I was planning on buying it - SWEAR).

Fine. Giorgio Armani looks great for a 77-year-old man. But WHY the teeny swimsuit? Is it shrinking?
Sounds like my favorite vampire is single.

I am super excited about the new additions to Community!

I also can't wait for Parks and Recreation to return!

Hugh Hefner's "Runaway Bride" is sharing way too much information about their relationship.

Selma Blair has a new baby boy.

Steven Spielberg's big ol' boat made some beachgoers angry.

Ben Affleck's new hair is kind of creepy.
Also, creepy: this wax statue of Brad Pitt.

So, this couple didn't break up.

Cutie Carey Mulligan is engaged.

See? Tattoos aren't forever.

General Hospital is drawing more guests.

AWK. WARD. Dolly Parton rapped about boobs.

New mom Mariah Carey must be sleep-deprived.

Oh, good. Kim Kardashian has something wrong with her. So, friends, she really is not perfect. Stop pressuring her.

Lauryn Hill had another baby.

Cameron Diaz could crush you with her arms.
Ozzy Osbourne paid a whole lot of money for a puppy.

Dave Chappelle is still acting strange.

Those Beckahms are good people.

Glee's creator talks about the casting changes.

Goldie Hawn looks great, but her smile makes my face hurt.

Divorce? What divorce? This is how Jennifer Lopez celebrated her birthday.

I'm judging Teri Hatcher by this photo: she reeks of patchouli and B.O.
A reality starlet and her football player fiance are done.

Leighton Meester's mom sounds horrible.

Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife is back in rehab.

If this is true, Jennifer Aniston might be moving a little fast.

Katy Perry totally got into the Smurf spirit.

Vanilla Ice is making a prediction about Justin Bieber.

Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse.
And Linda Christian.
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