Friday, July 15, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

When doesn't Christie Brinkley look great? NOTE: Wind was blowing up her dress, she was NOT doing the pee pee dance.
This is not Alicia Keys' best look.

Not that the Espys are important awards, but it was an excuse for some ladies to show off their goodies.

Kate Hudson chose a pretty random name for her new son.

Lindsay Lohan says she would have been perfect in Black Swan.

Jake Gyllenhaal came a little too close to crime.

I love these ladies on Community. In this magazine layout - not so much.
Kelly Osbourne did a little bit of crime fighting.

I don't know why I'm excited about the Emmy Awards. But these reactions to the nominations are pretty funny.

I am undecided about seeing the new Bourne movie without Matt Damon.

Those Glee kids will graduate.

I will not believe any Brad and Angelina are getting married story until I see a marriage certificate.

Daniel Baldwin is getting divorced.

Heidi Klum is bendy.
R. Kelly is losing his home.

In case you were wondering, Chris Brown is still a jerk.

Perhaps Roseanne doesn't like movies because she never made a good one?

This new couple is interesting. So is this one.

I'm not surprised one of the Olsens smokes, just disappointed.

Sarah Jessica Parker has turned her twins into mini-models.
Jessica Alba doesn't want you to see her in a bikini.

Ted Danson is headed to network TV.

Pretty ladies struggle through workouts, too!

Mila Kunis earned some serious cool points (and perhaps set a scary precedent). Now, I take the cool points away.

Rihanna covered Sweet Home Alabama.

I am SO going to watch this next summer!

Desperate Housewives could be on the way out.

Courtney Cox is sharing beauty tips online.

Does this make you want to hear Jennifer Lopez's new single?
Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting some movie work.

Read this Helena Bonham Carter story at your own risk.

WOW! Jaclyn Smith and Lynda Carter look awesome!

Russell Crowe is tweeting his diet.

Remember Sinead O'Connor?

I can't believe Cindy Crawford's daughter is not a model (yet).
If you think you don't need to wear sunblock, please see Rosie O'Donnell.

Not surprised Octomom can't control her kids. The actual surprise: no one has taken them away from her.

James Franco is still not taking responsibility for his awful Oscars hosting stint.

Halle Berry's life has become a horror film.

I'm officially excited about the Knocked Up sequel.

Kate Hudson had a baby boy. While the Beckhams welcomed (what's sure to be a chic) baby girl. Jewel has a baby boy.

One actress can't get work so she's selling shoes.

FYI: Gwyneth Paltrow can still rock a bikini.
A football player/DWTS contestant was busted for DWI.

A member of Wilson Phillips may lose her home.

McSteamy's going to be a daddy again.

I know it's hot in Texas, but I had no idea this would happen at Rihanna's Dallas show.

I like Oprah, but not in an Oscar host kind of way.

I have figured it out. I like Justin Timberlake in six minute increments - not entire movies.

Rob Lowe is making Lifetime movies now?

Elizabeth Taylor's house has been sold.

Rest in peace (and thanks for the memories), Sherwood Schwartz.
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