Friday, July 8, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

This is clearly not meant to make me interested in Horrible Bosses.
This is the fattest you'll ever see Victoria Beckham.

If you're keeping tabs, Lindsay Lohan is still out of touch with reality.

Tony Parker is keeping busy (and probably making his management team nervous).

Ryan Phillippe's Baby Mama has delivered.

Jessica Simpson has released another perfume I'm not interested in wearing.

I'm a little more curious about that Dragon Tattoo movie.

Justin Timberlake shared an awkward story.

Megan Fox wants you to know her face is real (no word on the rest of her).
Jake Gyllenhaal is a MAN.

This casting news for The Office is exciting!

Michael Jackson kept a few secrets - probably not what you think.

Oprah's now a teacher.

Hair don't. Also, Lady Gaga might be dying.
I absolutely do not think it's crazy for a 49-year-old famous actor to paint his face like a tiger for his birthday. Or do I?

I don't think I'll tune in to this reality show.

I cannot believe these are the highest paid actresses.

Ellen Pompeo makes me really want to see The Help.

Interesting casting in that Aaron Sorkin HBO show.

I saw Joan Rivers do this on The View this week and it made me laugh, then think, "I am SO glad she's not my mother!"

OOH! Stylish opposites!
Wondering if Comedy Central is paying Charlie Sheen in cash, hookers or his favorite white, powdery substance?

These two are giving a relationship another try.

I hope these two work it out.

Stars embarrass themselves, so they're JUST LIKE US!

Amy Fisher needs more help than Dr. Drew can offer.

Janice Dickinson looks much older than 56 (and hungry).
The musical perfect for spinsters: Bridget Jones.

Harry Potter had a drinking problem.

Nic Cage's son is having problems. Real problems.

Richie Sambora's girlfriend is a bit scandalous.

UPDATE: Jesse James is still a douchebag.

Sean Penn has a new girlfriend.

I kind of like that Reese Witherspoon is all covered up. Unlike Eva Longoria.
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johannson are divorced. So is George Lopez.

Ricky Gervais likes to make faces.

Glee is losing one of its kids.

Maria Shriver has made it official. I wonder if she'll take this deal?

Rick Springfield is probably headed for Celebrity Rehab.

Kate Moss is married. I'm guessing there wasn't much food at the reception. You know, because she doesn't eat.

Of COURSE Hollywood is turning that What to Expect When You're Expecting book into a movie.

Can someone explain what Kim Kardashian is doing here?
A Thor sequel? Can't wait to not see that!

See? Mom was right! If you keep making faces, they'll stick!
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