Friday, August 7, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

Mark Wahlberg got married.

I'm less interested in Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a bikini while playing tennis than I am in her choice of footwear.

Just when I was beginning to respect Ryan O'Neal for how well he cared for Farrah, he has to go and do this - AND talk about it!

Now, you can look like Jessica Simpson - under your clothes. Whatever you do, DON'T show your boyfriend. He'll probably just dump you and tell his neighborhood security you're not allowed there anymore.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee might be back together again. I smell a sex tape. Wait. That's not what I smell.

That guy who was The Hulk on TV might be on "Dancing With The Stars." I hope it's true! I'd like to see what happens when the judges are mean!

Angelina Jolie looking less than beautiful - though not many people could pull off grey clay.

And maybe that's why she didn't make Vanity Fair's "Best Dressed" list.

Paula Abdul is not returning to "American Idol." Will it be worth watching without her wackiness? But she may have found another reality competition show to give her a paycheck.

Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice, will be a judge on "Idol." So if she's qualified, so am I (don't let the fact that I've never actually "been in a girl pop group" get in the way).

WHAT!?!? "The Hills" is NOT real?

Cameron Diaz as Maria VonTrapp? PLEASE GOD, NO!

Don't cry for Jennifer Aniston. She's OK. Really. Whew. I almost lost sleep over that one.

Sherri Shepherd bravely walked out in a bathing suit on "The View." Lucky for us, her ginormous boobs stayed in the suit!

At his age, Steven Tyler should NOT be living on the edge of anything.

I'd like a Susan Boyle makeover. If I can't have that, can I have her airbrusher?

Sad news: John Hughes died! Here is a great tribute to him from his pen pal. And watch this to see his work wrapped up in just a few minutes.
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