Friday, May 24, 2013

Addicted To Photo Apps

My current obsession is photography apps. Here's what I have on my phone right now.

I'm not actually good at taking pictures, but my iPhone is. And when I don't think my pictures are great, I put them in one of those apps and pretty them up.

Total faker, I know, but it makes me document the fun, random and boring things I see every day. (Apologies to my Facebook friends and Twitter followers for the nearly daily posts)

If you're photo challenged, check out some of my favorites:

I took these ordinary photos and jazzed them up using Beautiful Mess.

I used a filter on each - the picture on the left was made a little brighter; the one on the left is using a 'vampire' filter (because I thought that sounded cool.

The text on the left is one of the available words to place anywhere with any color. The text on the left was my own creation. I did use the fishhook arrow they included, I just made it pink.

See? Not so boring anymore!
This one is a fun collage app I use probably too much.

It's called Diptic.

It has a whole bunch of templates. You choose one that will hold however many images you want. It will let you place the images in the little collage box. You can zoom in/out. You can add borders and even adjust them. You can also add text.

It really is simple. In this picture, I did a screen grab of a text my mom sent me and included a (blurry) photo she sent me with it.

I still don't know if my mom is being serious, if her doctor is playing a prank or if mom got a hold of a doctor's pad and is just making stuff up. Any one of those options is possible.

The one on the right also uses Diptic, but I made it a little fancier with Typic Pro.

I adjusted the filter on this collage of my tomato plants and their little darlings. I've been taking a photo every week because I'm so excited that I haven't killed them (yet).

I used the text and put a little ribbon-like background on it.

Have you ever seen gardening documented in a more adorable way? DON'T DISAGREE WITH ME!

The photo on the left is Uncle Ruslan (he's the guy who called the Boston bombing suspects - also his nephews - losers). I send that picture to my friends when they're doing losery things. Because I care.

This is one of about a million pictures I made using The Walking Dead Dead Yourself app.

I seriously went crazy with this.

I zombied myself at least six times (that I saved).

I zombied friends.

I zombied my cat and dog.

I had a few people tell me I should delete this app so I'd stop doing this. I did not listen to them. I will zombie everything when this show returns later this year. Maybe I'll zombie you if you're nice.

This PopAGraph makes me feel like a bit of a photo genius!

I took this picture of a lady bug which was really not so special in full color.

But the after is all ABRACADABRA KAPOW! Look at how that little ladybug pops in full color with everything else in black and white!

Sure I could do this in Photoshop if I practiced a few hours daily. But this app made my quick nature snap look like art. I will sell you a print for $100. It's a worthy investment. You won't regret it.

I have a few other apps I use mostly just for enhancing the colors or for other effects. These are my favorite apps that do more than that without taking up too much time or making me yell at my phone like a crazy person (which I am NOT - stop judging me).

I hope I'm not missing out on any other apps. I have my fingers crossed that I'll find one that turns my pictures into a hologram. That's really all I'm missing right now.
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