Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun With Beards

Listen up, Jack!

I've become kind of addicted to this app:
I like the show. I LOVE THE BEARDS! In fact, sometimes, when I watch it, I pretend like it's only the beards talking (except when the non-bearded ladies are on because that would be weird).

I downloaded the app at work and in no time I was putting beards on my friendly, patient co-workers.
I have to say that these people are so used to me saying, "Let me take your picture!" as I snap before they have a chance to say no that they just roll with it and wait to see the finished product. No one hated it.

Well, SOME people probably hated it: the ones who were annoyed with me posting these pictures. FUN HATERS!

By the next day, I admit, things went too far.

I couldn't help but see a face in that old music machine my neighbor put out on the curb (I later learned it's super cool and probably worth money - it was gone when I got home, so someone else appreciated it first).

I might be finished bearding people for a while. Besides, it's almost time to start using my app that zombies people and pets. Pets make really good zombies.
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