Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Movies

I don't know what it is about summer that brings out the "let's blow up everything and put it in 3D" in the movie makers, but it is really not that appealing to me. That's probably a good thing because it will keep me out of the theaters (they're really crowded during this time of year and I like having a theater to myself). There are a few exceptions. Here are the movies I want to see. Who's in?

Rock of Ages

The music in this is the big draw. It loses points for Tom Cruise and his nipples - which I've seen way too much of. I probably won't rush out to see this. It might be better for me to watch at home where I can sing along without being shushed.


Well, this is totally inappropriate and naughty. I think that's why I'm interested in this talking teddy bear movie. It seems like it's the kind of movie that will make you shoot soda out your nose. Unless the only funny parts are what I've seen in the trailer. Then, I'll just have to hope for some shirtless Mark Whalberg.

See? Sad. I can't even bring myself to take in a matinee of that Adam Sandler movie. I can't sit through those movies where he's still playing a character from his SNL days. If he'd grow up and not play that guy who thinks he's still a 20-something shouting and talking gibberish, I might give him another shot. Maybe.
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