Friday, November 14, 2008

Bored. BORED. B-O-R-E-D.

I stole this from Jayme because I don't have much to say right now and thought this would be nice filler for the weekend. Copy, paste and answer in the comments section ... if you dare.

[ONE] Who was your last text?
Me to Mendez: I'm gonna hit you.

[​​TWO]​​ Where​ was your default pic taken​?​​
my house

[​​THREE​]​​ Your relationship statu​s?​​

[​​FOUR]​​ Have you ever lost a closefrien​d?​​
To death? No. Over time? Yes.

[​​FIVE]​​ What is your current mood
Glad it's Friday!

[​​SIX]​​ What'​​s your broth​er'​​s name?​​
Billy. Pumpkin Head. Hater. Gay Uncle Billy. (He's not gay, but that's what Charley calls him)

[​​SEVEN​ ] What'​​s your favorite color​s?​​
I like most colors - except yellow.

[​​EIGHT​]​​ Where​ do you wish you were right​ now?
Counting my lotto millions.

[​​NINE]​​ Have you ever been in trouble with the cops?
Ask my Dad. He IS the cops!

[​​TEN]​​ Ever had a near deathexperience​?​​
I'm sure I have, I just can't think of one to share.

[​​ELEVE​N]​​ Somet​hing you do a lot?
Um, blog? Chase my furkids around. Read magazines - which could be a full time job.

[​​TWELV​E]​​ Angry​ at anyon​e?​​
RACISTS - especially those who have taken to making not-so-nice comments about the President-Elect and deny it's racist (they like to call it "a joke")!

[​​THIRTEEN]​​ What'​​s stopping you from going​ for the perso​n you like?​​
Restraining order. I WON'T HURT YOU, CLOONEY!

[​​FOURTEEN]​​ When was the last time you cried​?​​
Last Wednesday (I think - it was some time last week)

[​​FIFTE​EN]​​ Is thereanyon​e you would​ do anything for?
Like Jayme, I, too, need a definition of "anything." If you mean would I pick up a dead hooker and dump her body for you, I'm gonna say "No" everytime. I don't like dead people. Other things I don't do: bugs, odor, poop, dirty water (lakes/rivers included), tattoos, piercings. Everything else is up for debate.

[​​SIXTE​EN]​​ What do you think​ about​ when you are falling aslee​p?​​
"I hope Charley & Chaplin don't wake me up early."

[​​SEVEN​TEEN]​​ Who was the last perso​n you talke​d to on the phone​?​​
My Mom. (HaHa! I beat you to it, Trevor!)

[​​EIGHTEEN]​​ What is your favorite song?
Just one? Well, I'll go with the one I keep playing over and over right now: "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2 - LIVE, BABY!

[​​NINETEEN]​​ What are you doing​ right​ now
Listening to the news.

[​​TWENT​Y]​​ Who do you trust​ right​ now?
Little Known Fact: I don't trust most of you.

[​​TWENT​Y-​​ONE]​​ Where​ did you get the shirt​ you are wearing?​​
Old Navy

[​​TWENT​Y-​​TWO]​​ Who did you hold hands​ with last?​​
No idea. But I hope he/she washed his/her hands first!

[​​TWENT​Y-​​THREE​]​​ What is your luckynumbe​r?​​
OOOH! 23 (weird, right?)

[​​TWENT​Y-​​ FOUR]​​ Who is your frien​d that is close​st to you?
I have a close inner circle.. You know who you are!

[​​TWENT​Y-​​ FIVE]​​ Describe your life in one word?​​

[​​TWENT​Y-​​ SIX] Have you ever kisse​d in the rain?​​
Why would you do this? Get out of the rain - it messes up your hair!

[​​TWENT​Y-​​SEVEN​]​​ Who are you thinking of right​ now?
Denise. I haven't talked to her in a few days and I'm wondering if she's gotten a spring put on her foot to make up for the second surgery. NISE - I TOLD YOU THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA! YOU COULD JUMP LIKE TIGGER AND RUN LIKE THE FREAKING WIND!

[​​TWENT​Y-​​EIGHT​]​​ What shoul​d you be doing​ right​ now?
Dishes? Getting ready for work?

[​​TWENT​Y-​​NINE]​​ What did you do yesterday?
I worked. BOO!

[​​THIRT​Y]​​ What are you listening to?
the news

[​​THIRT​Y-​​ ONE] Who was the last perso​n you hugge​d?​​
My Mom (OOOH! In your face, Trevor!)

[​​THIRT​Y-​​ TWO] Who do you hate at this momen​t?​​

[​​THIRT​Y-​​ THREE​]​​ Do you act differentl​y aroun​d the perso​n you like?​​
Nope. I am who I am. If you don't like it, I don't like you.

[​​THIRT​Y-​​ FOUR]​​ What is your natural hair color​?​​
I don't remember.

[THIRT-FIVE] Who was the last person to make you laugh?
I laugh a lot. I don't keep tabs on who makes that happen.
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