Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Time Is Valuable, Too!

In the last two days, I've been to two different doctors' offices. I say offices because at only one of these appointments have I actually SEEN the doctor. Yesterday, I had an 8:45 appointment. I got there right on time and within five minutes was shuttled to the little room, where I waited another five minutes to see my doctor. I was home with plenty of time to take a nap (YAY!). I'll discuss my diagnosis shortly.

Today, I get up early (again) to go see my allergy doctor. I was seven minutes early for my 10AM appointment. I saw people who came in after me get out of the busy waiting room faster. I watched a three year old girl throw a fit repeatedly. I helped an older lady in a wheelchair get out of the room. I watched pharmaceutical reps come and go. But at 11:20, I had enough. I went to the window and asked how much longer I would have to wait. I was told 20 minutes. That's when I snapped.

Keeping my voice down, I said, "If I wasn't going to be seen until 11:40, you should have called to tell me that. If I was this late for the appointment, you would have charged me for it and then made me reschedule. I understand doctors get busy. But the schedulers should budget more time for patients, instead of cramming us all in here like sardines. I may not be healing people, but my time is just as valuable as any one else's. I'm giving you two choices: get me out of this room and into one with the doctor in the next five minutes, or give me one of the earliest appointments so I don't have to wait like this again." She rescheduled me. Then I said, "Please make sure the doctor knows why I did not stick around. If I have to wait like this again - without any explanation - I will find another doctor." She looked at me for a few seconds, then asked, "Would you like the doctor to call you." I said, "Yes." And he did call. I said the same thing. He apologized and promised I would not have to wait at my next appointment. I said explained that no one should have to wait like that. It's beyond rude - it's disrespectful.

Now, back to the other doctor... I have been diagnosed with polycsystic ovary syndrome. For the next six months, I'm taking medication to try to ease it. If that doesn't work, it's surgery time. I am optimistic that now that I have been diagnosed I can get better.

At least my chesty cough is mostly gone...
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