Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Wishes

I LOVE the Nieman Marcus holiday catalog! It's filled with things I'll likely never own. But it's fun to see the high dollar items. So, if you're feeling extra kind and have plenty of cash to throw away, here's what you can get me:
Patent Faridah Hobo
Price: $448.00

I love, love, LOVE bags! I do not have a Marc Jacobs in my collection. While the one shown is green, I would like the cherry colored one. Sure I could buy this one for myself, but what fun would that be?

I've never thought of myself as a BMW gal, but here are a few reasons why I like this one: it's one of 31 being made; it has 20-way heated and ventilated front seats (perfect for hot or cold weather); and it goes fast!

But if you buy me this, I'll take you with me to pick it up in Munich and visit the French Riviera (part of the deal).
Authentic Guinness® Home Pub
Price $250,000.00

I would TOTALLY give up my study for this. Besides having craftsmen come to my home and build me my own pub, I'd get a trip to Ireland and a year full of Guinness! If you buy it for me, you can tag along, too!
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