Friday, March 13, 2009

My Birthday

Yes. I am older today than I was a few days ago. Thursday was my birthday. I wish I could tell you I did something incredibly fun to celebrate. However, I spent the day at work. Let me back track a little.

I spent the early morning hours with my shivering dog leaning into my back. You see, Charley is afraid of stormy weather - even if it doesn't last long. He woke me at 6AM (better than the other night when he made me get up three times to let him out). I let him back in and then went back to sleep. My morning started with a few phone calls, some with songs, some with well wishes.

Then, I was greeted at work with another song and a present! If you've never been in a newsroom, there are a few things you should know:
  1. It's noisy.
  2. It can quickly become an HR person's nightmare (we have potty mouths and make inappropriate jokes/comments).
  3. It can be very cold.
A few weeks ago, I said I wished I had a Snuggie because I was cold. So when I started reading the card and saw all these comments about staying warm, I had an idea that there would be a Snuggie in that box. Ta Da!
Me in the Snuggie! I have left it on my chair so others can use it when I'm not there. I kind of wished I didn't have a big sweater on so I could have worn it. Yes, it is technically a backwards robe, but still, if I took a robe to work to wear when I was cold people would think I was crazier than I am!

In case you're wondering, the Snuggie is toasty. It is long. It will make you wish you were on the sofa watching TV or taking a nap. I'm going to figure out how to work that into my day - perhaps on a holiday when the bosses aren't around.

One more thing: thanks to my family and friends for making my birthday a good one - and not necessarily a reminder that I'm getting old!
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