Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm At War!!

I love having a house! Really! I love not having neighbors stomping on my ceiling or blasting music so loud I can hear it through my floor. I love not having to hunt for a parking space. I love not having to haul my groceries through a parking lot.

One thing I love most is having a yard. Mine is small, but my little dog doesn't seem to mind. In fact, it's all his. He's marked every bit of it over the three years we've lived here. But something else loves my yard.

Last summer's extreme temperatures and lack of rain really did a number on my yard. In fact, there were few patches of grass that actually survived that. Then, over the last few weeks, I've begun to see green.
Those spots aren't grass (thankfully, as I'm hoping to avoid restarting my lawn service for at least another month). But they are weeds. And they are plentiful!
A few weeks ago, I peppered my yard with a combination of weed killer/fertilizer. That hasn't done much. I was a little disappointed when my mom said that stuff just keeps more weeds from popping up - I'll have to kill the weeds that are growing.
I was going to do that this afternoon (while telling my cold it could suck it), but then the winds came and I believe it's yet another cold front marching in. I'll tackle those jerky weeds another day. I'll win this war if it means the back-breaking task of bending to pull or poison those suckers!
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