Friday, February 12, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

What break up? It seems Brad can't keep his hands off of Angelina!

So, crazy Megan Fox needed a hand double for her Super Bowl ad. Everything else - ALL HER.

Jennifer Aniston is 41. And in a bikini. With Gerard Butler.

Two more examples of the lack of unoriginal ideas in Hollywood: "Gunsmoke" The Movie and "Laverne & Shirley."

SCANDAL: Anne Hathaway's armpit may have been airbrushed out of a magazine cover.

However, I am CERTAIN there was absolutely NO airbrushing on the new SI Swimsuit models.

Jimmy Kimmel may know funny, but he apparently does not know how to tell a lady what she needs to hear.

I wasn't planning on seeing that "Valentine's Day" movie, so you can pretty much bet that I won't see the sequel.

Someone needs to teach Bradley Cooper how to apply self tanner.

It appears magazines just ask Lindsay Lohan to pose because she'll pretty much do anything for a paycheck.

Alec Baldwin may have attempted suicide in front of his teenage daughter.

John Mayer should stick to singing songs and stop doing interviews.

Sad about the loss of Captain Phil. At least there will be one more chance to see him in all his glory.

I'm beginning to worry about Suri Cruise.

See? Beyonce is not perfect!
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