Friday, February 26, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

If you're wondering why I'm doing this, it's because I find these stories and many of you never see them. So, as a public service, I gather the week's silly celebrity news and share it here. You're welcome. Cash tips are appreciated.

Jennifer Lopez is apparently without a record label and her new album may not be released. The lesson: you can make horrible movies and songs and you'll STILL get to host SNL. (Is this why my beloved Betty White is still waiting for her turn to host?)

In case you're wondering what to get me for my birthday, this is the opposite of what I want. Here's the picture proof.

So, Lindsay Lohan was a cokehead. That sounds about right.

Christmas wishes be damned! There will probably be another Kardashian baby.

I would love Whitney Houston to make a real come back. And by real, I mean capable of singing, not TALKING her way through her hits. I mean, I could talk my way through "I Will Always Love You" and sound this good:

Charlie Sheen is back in familiar territory.

"Two And A Half Men" must be cursed! Why else would Duckie's wife want to kill him?

What happened to Antonio Banderas?

George Lopez will voice Speedy Gonzales in a CGI version of the old cartoon. I'm gonna go ahead and call it the racist film of whatever year it rolls out.

Wow. The Jacksons should all seriously consider finding a plastic surgeon who will be honest, not just take their money.

I really hope Kelly Ripa's new tattoo doesn't bring bad luck on her marriage!

Mariah Carey is the bomb. I mean it. Look. She might pop right out of her clothes.

That "you're" in "You're So Vain" has been revealed by Carly Simon. Weird.

Any crush I had on Johnny Depp has been squashed.

Finally, R.I.P., Boner.
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