Friday, February 10, 2012

Week In Pop Culture

Let's start by acknowledging the beauty that is Christie Brinkley.
Bruce Willis's wife is really pregnant.

Rita Wilson is recording an album.

Marla Sokoloff has a new baby girl.

Ice-T's wife is not being appropriate with her nephew.

Ryan Murphy is already working on ANOTHER TV show!

Naomi Watts as Princess Diana?

Matthew McConaughey's baby mama is showing off her engagement ring.

Halle Berry is engaged?

Some of the stars wore some strange things to the AmfAR gala.

Parminder Nagra is getting divorced.

Naomi Campbell still has that modeling thing down.
I mostly dig President Obama's playlist.

REALLY, Kris Jenner?

Marissa Tomei's real life has some crazy history.

Oh, how I love Adele.

Courtney Cox is sharing too much.

Jim Carrey on 30 Rock. Hmmm.

Here's a movie I might have watched 10 years ago.

Lindsay Lohan looks like she's old enough to be her mom.
Natalie Portman is getting back to work.

Elizabeth Taylor's art is being auctioned off.

Ray Romano says his wife beat breast cancer.

Mandy Moore may get an ABC series.

Russell Brand doesn't want all of Katy Perry's money.

Missy Elliott and Timbaland are coming out with new music this summer.

Jessica Lange is returning to American Horror Story.

Beyonce's bump is long gone!
Robert Downey, Jr., has a new baby boy.

It does not sound like things are going well at Rosie O'Donnell's talk show.

Sean Kingston is the latest celebrity on the IRS no-pay list.

Randy Travis was arrested.

Here's a whole new side of Viola Davis.

Jessica Simpson should put these away.

I'm thankful Madonna kept her arms covered up at the Super Bowl.
Demi Moore may be in rehab.

Suzanne Somers has new boobs.

The Grammy's sound like a buncha bullies.

There's a delay in that new Bridget Jones movie.

Willow Smith apparently whipped her hair back, forth, then right off her head.
Whitney Houston. Ouch.

Reese Witherspoon's new bangs are not just a fashion statement.

I do no support a reboot of The Munsters.

Rest in peace Ben Gazzara.

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