Friday, February 17, 2012

Week In Pop Culture

I don't know how Christina Hendricks can breathe in this dress.
Nick Cannon is seriously not well.

Marcia Gay Harden is getting divorced.

Miley Cyrus's pants are so tight, she can't button them while driving.

This is not going to make Mark Anthony happy.

Gary Busey is broke.

I don't like Rihanna's birthday cake.
Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj are not friends.

Jason Bateman's new baby girl is named Maple. As in syrup.

I'm not sure I can take a weekly Hannibal Lecter show.

Jenny McCarthy is getting a talk show. On VH1.

I want to go to Johnny Weir's wedding!

Jaden Smith looks exactly like his dad.
ZOMG! Not one but TWO Beyonce albums this year!?!?

Another rapper owes the tax man.

Seriously, Chris Brown. STOP.

Hillary Duff looks miserable.

Adele says she won't write another breakup album.

A sea lion got a little too close to Shakira.

Ugh. Transformers 4.

The Catholic church is not a fan of Nicki Minaj.

Matt Bomer is gay.

If Jennifer Aniston thinks this will get me to watch her new movie, she is mistaken.

No big surprises at the BAFTAs.

Michael Keaton may be down with a Beetlejuice 2.

Ryan Phillippe has a TV show.

John Stamos may also be returning to TV.

I love that Beyonce and Jay-Z didn't make a penny off their baby's pictures.

John Goodman and Roseanne are returning to TV together.

Gabrielle Union's weave got her a little extra attention from the TSA.

OMG, you guys! Scarlett Johansson is just like us - SHE HAS CELLULITE!
Robin Wright has moved on from Sean Penn.

Nic Cage is not a vampire. He thinks.

Jason Lee's wife is expecting their third baby.

If this story is true, Matt Lauer's paycheck makes me insanely jealous.

Not surprised Madonna's daughter did this.

Here's what the stars wore to the Grammy's. And if you only want to see the worst dressed, click here.

Rest in peace Whitney Houston.
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