Friday, February 24, 2012

Week In Pop Culture

Samantha would be disappointed in this look.
Gerard Butler is in rehab.

J.K. Rowling is writing a book for adults - also known as people who have read Harry Potter.

See? I didn't sit through Wanderlust and new it'd be bad. This poor movie reviewer watched it and felt the same way. So, Hollywood, can you PLEASE stop trying to make me think Jennifer Aniston is funny and a movie star?

Paris Hilton still wants to torture your ears.

If you like a house that's "too much" (and that's putting it mildly), you might be interested in buying Christina Aguilera's home.

Here's Sheryl Crow in a bikini.
I can't decide if it's nice or creepy that Billy Bob Thornton is writing about his marriage to Angelina Jolie - and she wrote the introduction.

I think the Academy Awards say they don't want Sacha Baron Cohen to make a scene, but I think they secretly REALLY want one.

Stop wishing for a Friends reunion because it most likely will not happen.

Octavia Spencer has a post-Oscar plan.

Look! It's Jennifer Love Hewitt! No, seriously. LOOK. AT. HER. It's what she wants.
Kate Walsh would also like you to look at her.

Glee's Amber Riley looks pretty good these days.

Daniel von Bargen (George Costanza's boss on Seinfeld) did something crazy.

TBS wants Conan to stick around a little longer.

If Adam Levine is telling the truth here, I hope kids don't think this is a good idea.

But it's really OK if kids want to be more like Zac Efron.

If that X Factor show wants to keep up the tradition of having judges who aren't known for singing, then this potential new judge will be a good fit.

Minnie Driver has named her baby's daddy.

David Hyde Pierce's awesome home is for sale.

Kelly Ripa rocks a bikini!
Community is coming back soon!

I don't believe Ryan Gosling is being truthful here.

This is what happens when you cut off Adele's speech at an awards show.

Judging by these pictures, Drew Barrymore may be pregnant.

Megan Fox is still wearing bikinis.

Nick Jonas is single.

Look, Rihanna, you might think there's no harm in sharing a song with Chris Brown, but I am telling you: THIS WILL NOT END WELL. Because, you see, Chris is still a jerk.

Chris Tucker has one heckuva tax bill!

Jennifer Garner is still pregnant.
Paris Hilton is a lucky gambler.

Lindsay Lohan will host SNL. And she's kind of a free woman.

Mark Wahlberg has taken an interested approach to try to keep his kids from getting tattoos.

Judi Dench is losing her eyesight.

Matthew Perry is returning to TV.

Robin Thicke was arrested.

Charlie Sheen is back to talking bad about "Two And A Half Men."
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