Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Losing My Amazing Race

Every month, I have a little challenge to myself. Here it is:
That is my current stack of magazines to be read. The top two are June magazines. Here we are on this third day of July and I'm still reading June magazines (which, by the way, you can't find on newsstands - or whatever you call the place you find magazines). Oh, I should probably confess two things.

  1. This stack doesn't include the three weekly magazines I get (People, US, Entertainment Weekly). I get through those right away.
  2. This stack is also shorter than it used to be. I don't know how that Fitness magazine found its way to my mailbox. I think they must play the same game as OK! magazine - just send it and hope some sucker will fall in love with it and need it. Well, I won't. It has so little content that I flip through it in no time. I'm not falling for that OR a banana in my tailpipe.
So, here is my big excuse.
I'm reading this ginormous book (official book term - look it up, people). I didn't stop to think when I bought it that this book covered ALL eight years of Reagan's presidency. It does. And it does it in pretty good detail. I feel a lot of pressure to get this done because I got all cocky on Goodreads and decided to set a pretty lofty goal of books to read this year. I'm failing.
I'M THREE BOOKS BEHIND MY PACE! It's like I get absolutely no credit for reading one 1,000 page book and this 700 pager! I am reading something - a book or a magazine - every day (and I'm not counting all the reading I do for work because that's almost never fun). And when you see the size of the book compared to my stack of magazines, I mean, it's actually kind of impressive how many words I see each month.
See? If you take out the many pages of ads and perfume samples in the magazines, I'm actually reading some good words and stories - and they're mostly true (even those product tests - consumer tips, people). 

And if that doesn't make me feel bad enough, I look at my poor little blog. It's been horribly neglected over these last few weeks. As soon as I finish this Reagan book (NO ONE TELL ME HOW IT ENDS), I hope to have more time to return to blogging silly things. That is, unless Goodreads keeps telling me I'm a loser. Because I am totally not. Mostly.
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