Monday, June 13, 2011

OK! Enough!

I started getting OK! magazine last year. I never subscribed to it - it just appeared in my mailbox one day. I wouldn't pay for a subscription to this magazine or even buy it at the newsstand. Why? Because it's pure junk. If you're not convinced, allow me to state my case.

Let's start with the "Only in OK!" story: Kim Kardashian's "Wedding Surprise."

The big, yellow headline says, "I'm having a baby!" Inside the magazine, you'll find a different story.

While it flat out says, "Kim and Kris are going to have a baby," the article explains that Kim is eager to be a mother and is taking steps to prepare for pregnancy. Hardly a baby on board.

But most of the story is rehashing interviews with Kim, her family or friends talking about how Kim wants to be a mother. I'm not a Kardashian apologist, but I'd be pretty pissed off if someone put me on the cover of a magazine implying I'm pregnant. Let the girl get married before we start baby talk!

Here's the next cover truth stretcher. Before you go daydreaming about what these two would look like in black and white photos all dolled up, I'll crush your fantasy.

Brad told USA Today, "The kids ask about marriage. It's meaning more and more to them. So it's something we've got to look at."

See that? LOOK AT. First of all, OK! didn't even do this interview - they're lifting it from a newspaper (I do see the irony in what I'm doing by taking things out of their magazine which they've taken from other sources). I guess the reason there are no bylines in this weak excuse for a magazine's articles is that they don't really do any reporting. They're like the Huffington Post of magazines, providing information from other sources for those who are too lazy to do the clicking on the interwebs.

But second, neither Brad nor Angelina has said they're actually getting married. Just "looking at" it. Yeah, I'm looking at winning the lottery soon. Let's see what happens first.

Finally, this is a recurring feature that really bugs me. Hardly a week goes by that this magazine doesn't put one of MTV's Teen Mom girls on the cover.

These girls are NOT celebrities. They're young ladies in WAY over their heads. Between the money MTV gives them and what, I hope, is an income from this magazine, they're trying to be single moms taking care of babies. Glamorizing them sets a bad example to other teen girls. They may very well see how these girls have become instant celebrities (forgetting the responsibility of raising a baby, going to school, finding a job, etc.) and are on TV - reality "stars!" I watch this show and it exhausts me. The fighting, the crying - and I'm not talking about the babies. These girls have it rough, but I don't think that's really deterring young girls from saying, "Sign me up!" Putting them on the cover of a magazine is just wrong.

So, OK!, I ask you to stop. And if you can't change your sloppy, lazy ways, can you please STOP sending me this magazine?
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